MS Mathematics Education (MS Ma-Ed)


This program is intended primarily for individuals interested in or are pursuing careers in mathematics education at the upper elementary and high school levels. The program’s courses and research requirements ensure that MS Ma-Ed graduates are extensively trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of mathematics education.

 Degree Requirements

The student in the program must:

  1. Complete nine (9) units of required subjects, eighteen (18) units in a major field of concentration, and six (6) units of electives;
  2. Pass a comprehensive examination covering the following topics: Mathematics Content, Mathematics Education, Research and Related Fields Examination;
  3. Submit a Master’s thesis consisting of four (4) term papers, each on a topic in mathematics or on its presentation.


The student must complete the following required subjects:

  • MAE 210: Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics
  • PSYCH 255.12: Seminar in Human Development: Learning Processes in Mathematics and Science
  • ED 201: Methods and Materials of Research
Furthermore, the student must also complete eighteen (18) units in a major field of concentration:
  • Any four (4) graduate level courses in mathematics. Examples are:
    • MA 204: Introduction to the Foundations & Structure of Mathematics
    • MA 206: Modern Concepts in Mathematics
    • MA 212: High School Geometry from an Advanced Viewpoint I
    • MA 215: Modern Algebra and Trigonometry
    • MA 220: Analysis for Teachers I
    • MA 221: Analysis for Teachers II
    • MA 224: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
    • MA 226: An Introduction to Probability
    • MA 230: Elementary Statistics
    • MA 234: Elementary Probability Theory
    • MA 240A: Seminar in Teaching Mathematics
    • MA 240B: Seminar in Topics in Algebra
    • MA 240F: Seminar in Combinatorics
    • MA 240G: Seminar in Methods of Proof
    • MA 240H: Seminar in Finite Mathematics
    • MA 240J: Seminar in Discrete Mathematics
    • MA 240K: Seminar in Contemporary Mathematics
    • MA 240T: Seminar in Abstract Algebra
    • MA 241: Seminar in Linear and Abstract Algebra
  • Any one (1) course under any of the following seminar titles:
    • MAE 295C: Strategies on Classroom Teaching in Mathematics
    • MAE 295D: Seminar on Research in Mathematics Education
    • MAE 295H: Seminar on Technology in Mathematics Education
  • Any one (1) course from the following:
    • STAT 310: Basic Statistical Analysis
    • SA 206: Research Techniques
The student must also complete six (6) units of electives in mathematics or mathematics education excluding those courses that the student has chosen to pursue under the Field of Concentration. The student may also take at most one 3-unit graduate course offered by the Education Department upon approval of the program adviser and/or the Mathematics Department Chairperson.

 Comprehensive Exams

Upon satisfactory completion of all his/her required and elective courses, the student should formally apply to take a comprehensive examination covering the following topics: Mathematics Content, Mathematics Education, Research and Related Fields Examination.


The candidate has to complete four (4) term papers, each on some topic in mathematics or on its presentation. These papers will be combined and presented in the form of a thesis. The thesis will account for six (6) units towards the required thirty-nine (39) units required for the program.


Prospective students may go to the Admissions page to learn more about the application procedure.