Tuklás Matemátika

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Tuklás Matemátika is the online journal of the Ateneo Mathematics Department. Aimed at exposing high school students and the general public to topics beyond usual high school curricula, Tuklás features informative and interesting articles about people and ideas from different areas of mathematics. Tuklás Matemátika originally served as an online supplementary journal for the PEM.

We encourage our readers to email us (ateneo.tuklas@gmail.com) or post on our Facebook page for questions, comments, and topic requests.

Newest Articles

  1. Dead Ends of Integers: We've always known that there are infinitely many integers... yet it turns out they still have "dead ends." Find out about this interesting concept and more in this article by MS student Luis S. Silvestre Jr..
  2. Steiner Sets and Edge Steiner Sets in a Graph: This article by PhD student Michael Frondoza introduces readers to the exciting field of graph theory and to the Steiner tree problem --- one of the many challenging problems in the field.
  3. Sociable Numbers: It goes without saying that whole numbers are ubiquitous. We use them everyday in many ways and for several purposes that life just wouldn't be the same without them. So let's pause for a moment and appreciate some of them for what they are --- sociable --- in this interesting article by MS student Gari Lincoln C. Chua.
  4. Mathematics of Physics: Mathematics is front and center in Dr. Job A. Nable's article that explores math's application in Physics.
  5. Funny Expectations: MS student Riemann Soliven writes: "People can actually make expectations of you but... it is best that you defy them and even exceed your own."
  6. Mathematical Modelling Using Differential Equations: Mathematics is not only fun and challenging, it is also very important to many different fields. In this student, MS student John Paolo Soto introduces us to mathematical modelling in biology.
  7. PEM Olympiad 2016 (new!): This is a Tuklas special issue that features the problems and the winners from the PEM Olympiad held last October 29, 2016.