MSE 101

MSE 101: Principles of Engineering Materials I (3 units, lecture)
(co-listed as Ch 141.91)

This course gives an overview of the structure of solids. Thermodynamics of solids: rigorous development of classical thermodynamics as applied to solids, multi-component systems, phase and chemical equilibria, non-ideal systems, surfaces, and defects. Crystallography, defects, diffraction techniques: Phase diagram, microstructure, solids, crystallization, basic x-ray crystallography. Elements of crystal geometry, symmetry, stereographic projections, and reciprocal lattice. Generation, properties, and detection of Xrays. Use of Braggs’s Law in common diffraction techniques for the study of crystals, e.g., crystal orientation, simple structure determination, chemical analysis, and stress measurements.

Prerequisite: Ma 22, Ch 45 or Ps 42 and Ch 7.