MSE 131

MSE 131: Ceramics Materials (3 units, lecture)

Introduction to ceramics: classification and structures of ceramics, clay minerals, silicates and silica. Ceramics processing, solid and liquid phases sintering, pressure sintering, sintering maps. Glass formation and glass ceramics. Properties of ceramic materials: elasticity, plastic deformation, micro-structural dependence of mechanical properties. Thermal, electrical and optical properties. Novel ceramic processing: new non-conventional ceramic fabric ation methods (CVD, sol-gel, etc.); an emphasis on how the properties of the ceramics are dependent on the fabrication route used in their formation. Advanced ceramic applications: the areas of use of advanced ceramics in engineering; an analysis of the reason for the selection of the particular material with respect to its properties (mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, etc. Designing with ceramics: general principles of the problems and solutions used in designing with brittle materials.

Prerequisite: MSE 102