PS 199.2: Feynman Seminar II

Course Number and Title: PS 199.2 (Feynman Seminar II)
Date Revised: Oct. 8, 2010
Number of Units: 1
Prerequisite: None

Course Description:
This is the second of a 3-semester research-oriented course leading to the student's undergraduate thesis. This course introduces the students to the discipline and rigor of scientific writing. Students in this course are expected to demonstrate the skill of formal scientific writing through a project proposal defense or submission of scientific work in conferences.

American Association of Physics Teachers journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Chemistry Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Geophysical Union journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Institute of Biological Sciences journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Physical Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
Elsevier Publications journals (2000 - Current Year).
Optical Society of America journals (2000 - Current Year).

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