PS 199.5: Undergraduate Thesis I

Course Number and Title: PS 199.5 (Undergraduate Thesis I)
Date Revised: July 21, 2010
Number of Units: 1
Prerequisite: Internship in a research laboratory/group recognized by the Department

Course Description:
This is the first of four undergraduate thesis courses leading to the senior physics thesis. In this 1-unit course, the student is expected to define his/her thesis topic, conduct appropriate literature review, and perform initial experiments to show the viability of the chosen topic. The student then writes a thesis proposal and presents it before selected panelists, students, and faculty members of the Department of Physics.

American Association of Physics Teachers journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Chemistry Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Geophysical Union journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Institute of Biological Sciences journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Physical Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
Elsevier Publications journals (2000 - Current Year).
Optical Society of America journals (2000 - Current Year).

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