PS 199.6: Undergraduate Thesis II

Course Number and Title: PS 199.6 (Undergraduate Thesis II)
Date Revised: July 21, 2010
Number of Units: 2
Prerequisite: PS 199.5

Course Description:
This is the second of four undergraduate thesis courses leading to the senior physics thesis. In this 2-unit course, the student is expected to generate results in his/her research sufficient for a conference in physics. The student is expected to write a conference paper in a format appropriate for the intended conference and presents it before selected panelists, students, and faculty members of the Department of Physics if the intended conference falls outside the semester for which the student is enrolled.

American Association of Physics Teachers journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Chemistry Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Geophysical Union journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Institute of Biological Sciences journals (2000 - Current Year).
American Physical Society journals (2000 - Current Year).
Elsevier Publications journals (2000 - Current Year).
Optical Society of America journals (2000 - Current Year).

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