Ateneo Center for Asian Studies

The Ateneo Center for Asian Studies, established in April 2001, is a research center that aims to promote Asian Studies through disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and multi-disciplinary research and other related activities such as seminars, workshops, and lectures. Since 2013, it has offered thesis/dissertation grants to the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila whose research topic is on Asia. The Center engages in collection of materials on Asian Studies; hosting of research fellows; dissemination and promotion of research through publications. Primarily with the help of its international advisory board that consists of prominent scholars from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Australia, it links with institutions both in the Philippines and abroad. It regularly offers language courses, specifically, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Russian to young professionals who need the language skills for research or work.

The Center’s international conferences held every two years and its annual summer seminar primarily focus on the general topics of regional integration, culture, and environment. Through these conferences, seminars and other activities, the Center contributes to the enrichment of Asia-related courses in universities, helps in the formulation of policies and strategies, and cooperates with the private sector and civil society.


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Aug 26
8th International Conference of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies

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Jul 16
First ACAS Graduate Students Symposium

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