Major in Development Studies


Major in Development Studies is ideal for individuals who want to make effective contributions to improve Philippine society through international development organizations, law, politics, foreign service, government, non-government organizations, corporate foundations, and business. This degree program has been offered by the Development Studies Program since 1986.

Course Requirements
Aside from the courses included in the Ateneo’s core curriculum, the program requires the following subjects:

DS 101 Perspectives in Development: Economics
DS 102 Perspectives in Development: Politics
DS 103 Perspectives in Development: Sociology
DS 112 Survey of Social Development Approaches
DS 120.1 Quantitative Research Methods
DS 120.2 Qualitative Research Methods
DS 130 Community Development & Social Change
DS 132 Project Management
DS 140 Practicum in Social Development
DS 165.35 Research in Development Issues
DS 150 Field Specialization

Furthermore, students will have up to six electives and must use these electives to specialize in one or two of the following fields:
Fields with Minors
Cultural Heritage, Development Management, Economics, European Studies, Global Politics, Health & Development, History, Humanitarian Action, Japanese Studies, Philosophy, Public Management, Sociology