Japanese Studies Program

Established in 1966, the Japanese Studies Program is the first Japanese Studies Program in Southeast Asia. Initially, it was the university's response to the felt need to deepen understanding of Japan with which the Philippines has had long historical ties.  As bilateral relations developed, the program has sought to expand mutual understanding.  Today, the Philippines and Japan endeavor to locate themselves in the milieu of globalization, and the Japanese Studies Program carries on the tradition of contributing to a scholarly approach to the problems and issues concomitant with world development.

With its language and Japan-related courses open to degree and non-degree students from different disciplines, the Japanese Studies Program aims to dvelop graduates who have a global outlook, imbued with a keen understanding and appreciation of one's own culture and of others'; especially those with thich one's culture interfaces.  Students who go through the courses of the Japanese Studies Program are expected to be highly competitive, uniquely advantaged, and relevant in work areas of diplomacy, trade and management, research and training.


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