Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science (Republic of the Philippines, Commission on Higher Education - Center of Development in Political Science) envisions itself as a catalyst in molding the political and social consciousness of the University and the larger community that it serves. It aspires to be leader in the field of politics and governance - educating its students and the broader citizenry towards the development of institutions of peace and justice, equity and sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for human rights. Through its teaching, research, and outreach activities, the Department seeks to participate in processes of democratization and popular empowerment at many levels - local, national, and global - within the framework of critical inquiry, intellectual rigor, and committed public service.
It seeks to train professionals who will be future leaders in their chosen fields; to contribute to the teaching/shaping of the discipline at the tertiary and basic education levels through research and content-based instruction; to contribute to the country's development process through scholarly research, intellectual exchange, professional consultancy and community/public outreach.



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