Student Mobility Program

The Student Mobility program of the School of Social Sciences (SoSS) began during the school year of 2009-2010. It oversees the overall operations of various SoSS student exchange programs that allow SoSS students to study abroad through the 1.) Junior Term Abroad (JTA) program, 2.) Summer Term Abroad (STA) program*, and 3.) Student Exchange Outbound Program which includes TEMASEK Foundation Scholarship program, Erasmus Mundus programme, and other scholarship programs of Ateneo partner institutions abroad.

Together with the Office of International Relations, Office of Admissions and Aid and other Ateneo Loyola Schools administrative offices and academic departments, it provides the necessary adminstrative support to SoSS students who wish to participate in a student exchange program abroad.


Pilar Preciousa P. Berse, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Student Mobility Program
School of Social Sciences 

*SoSS STA is a new student exchange program in the School of Science Sciences. This program begins this summer term (June-July) of SY 2015-2016.