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More than 150 Years
The Ateneo de Manila is proud of a tradition of excellence in academics and service that it has nurtured through the more than 150 years of its existence.
The spirit of excellence embodied by the Ateneo’s inspiring namesake, the Athenaeum in ancient Rome, is reflected in its growth into an active, fully accredited, and much esteemed University with a grade school, high school, and undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, law, management, education, medicine and government.

The Loyola Schools Vision
The Ateneo Loyola Schools is a Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit center of excellence for higher learning that is globally competitive while Asian in perspective, a community that transforms society through its research and creative work, leadership in service to others and the environment, and formation of person-for-others.

Institutional Accreditation
The Ateneo de Manila enjoys Institutional Accreditation. Its undergraduate programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business/Management, and Computer Science have Level IV Accredited Status (the highest level) granted by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP)—Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU).
The Ateneo Graduate School of Business was ranked first in the CHED-FAPE evaluation of Graduate Schools of Business. The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health has consistently had the highest passing rate in the Bar exams over the last years.

For more than 150 years, we have been challenging our students to do and be better. We combine time-tested traditions of rigorous instruction with fresh, progressive ways of student-centered thinking that allows students to investigate critical and pressing questions in a new light.
The tradition of holistic education is rooted in eloquentia, the power to touch hearts and transform lives, and sapientia, the ability to order things as a whole, a many splendored totality where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. This is achieved through student-centered learning where we place you at the heart of instruction. It is teaching that facilitates active participation and independent inquiry, and seeks to instill among students the joy of learning inside and outside the classroom.

The Ateneo de Manila has a robust faculty, among the best in the country. This is seen in the large number of faculty members who have doctorate and master’s degrees. Many are nationally acknowledged experts in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of research, teaching, and industry experience that will enable you to learn, think and be challenged.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in student mobility programs. Since 2003, Ateneo students can spend a semester overseas or its equivalent to take courses that are credited towards their Ateneo degree. Approximately 250 students go out each year, mostly through the Junior Term Abroad (JTA) program.

You will gain access to a growing network of Ateneo’s partner organizations and companies. Take advantage of our internship programs to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical experience, which are both crucial for career preparation. Our career counselors prepare you for the world of work in many sectors and industries.
Currently, most Ateneans do their internships with private companies, government agencies, start-up companies, design studios, art galleries, and research centers.

Ateneo’s world class facilities and programs will provide you with a rich environment in which to explore, master, and contribute to research, development, and applications in the field.

The Loyola Schools provides centers and laboratories to enhance the learning environment. Built with partnerships and donations from private institutions and government agencies, our laboratories allow faculty and students to quality research and experimentation. Among them:

  • The Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center
  • The Ateneo-PLDT Advanced Network Testbed
  • SMART-SWEEP Mobile Wireless Laboratory
  • National Chemistry Instrumentation Center
  • Hitachi-Metrology and Robotics Laboratory
  • Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communications
  • John Gokongwei School of Management business Accelerator Program (JGSOMBA)
  • JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC)
  • The Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC)

The Rizal Library’s current main collection has more than 399,000 volumes and provides access to more than 3800 volumes of printed journals and over 11,000 e-journals.  The Library also holds more than 31,000 e-books and currently subscribes to 37 online databases which may be accessed by students both onsite and offsite. 
In addition to its regular collection, the Rizal Library also has special collections, which include the Filipiniana Section, the Pardo de Tavera Library and Special Collection (PDTLSC), the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings (ALIWW), the American Historical Collection (AHC), and the Microforms and Digital Reading Center (MDRC)

In promoting wireless connectivity and Internet accessibility, Ateneo has equipped several buildings with WiFi networks so that you can freely access and browse the web. Students may also access the internet from the computer laboratories in the Rizal Libraries, Matteo Ricci Study Hall and in CTC 101.
In addition, the Rizal Library provides researchers 24/7 access to its databases and repository.

As a university, the Ateneo de Manila University is strongly committed to conducting research in line with its strategic thrusts of mission and identity, nation-building, and environment and development. Its contribution to the advancement of human knowledge through innovation, inquiry, and insight is purposive to the current challenges and demands of the Philippine economy, culture, and society, set in an emerging and transforming global context.
Our researchers distinguish themselves with numerous publications in local and international journals and book publications, garnering critical recognition from local and international institutions and award-giving bodies.

Faculty members, visiting professors, post-doctoral fellows, postgraduate and undergraduate students are involved in various scholarly work.
Their research receives funding and support from local and international institutions such as the Department of Science and Technology, Commission of Higher Education, Department of Health, United States Agency for International Development, Erasmus Mundus, and the World Bank.

The Loyola Schools continue to pursue an orientation toward interdisciplinarity in view of the growing complexity of present-day challenges, such as the multiplicity of information and knowledge, and the interlocking of systems in human and natural processes.

The Loyola Schools’ Integrated Ateneo Formation (InAF) program is aligned with the University’s mission to form persons-for-others who will contribute effectively to the transformation of Philippine society as servant-leaders engaged in various fields of endeavor.
In its formation activities, the InAF program seeks to develop Ateneans who can harness their academic competence and training in the service of nation-building even as they act on their responsibilities as global citizens. This program aims to form Ateneans  who are guided by Ignatian discernment and nurtured by a personal relationship with God, strongly oriented towards faith and justice, and rooted in their culture.

Mens sana in corpore sano. A sound mind and a sound body is not just a catchphrase in Ateneo.
The topnotch sports facilities in the campus stand as testament to Ateneo’s commitment to hone not just the mind but also the body.
Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex
This sports complex is a specially-designed building that boasts of topnotch facilities for various sporting and recreational programs. It houses an indoor basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, indoor track oval, weights room, martial arts area and a fully air-conditioned sports medicine clinic.
Moro Lorenzo Field
At 110-by 70-meters, the Moro Lorenzo Field is a football field and track oval of world-class quality.
The pitch is an all-weather field composed of the highest quality turf (first generation Bermuda grass) that does not discolor or easily deteriorate. It also boasts eight lanes of 400-meter royal blue track oval around the pitch. The oval is composed of synthetic flooring, specifically Herculean Spike Resistant Sprint, a variant that meets international standards.
Blue Eagle Gym
The Blue Eagle Gym is a huge sports gymnasium that serves as the home of the university's various varsity teams. For most Ateneans, the gym is a special place where school spirit thrives. The gym has seen hundreds of sporting events of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines, National
Collegiate Athletic Association, and Philippine Basketball Association games in their early years. It can seat a total of 7,500 people, with 800 box seats, 1,400 reserve seats and 5,300 bleachers. Its facilities include locker rooms, basketball and volleyball courts, fencing areas, judo training areas (dojo), a baseball and softball batting cage, table tennis areas and chess rooms.
College Covered Courts
The Loyola Schools Covered Courts is a sports facility consisting of the Physical Education Office, two dance areas, eight basketball courts, two tennis courts, one long table tennis area, martial arts and recreational activities area, a cafeteria, shower rooms, Ateneo Rifle and Pistol Team shooting range and the College Athletics Office. The sides of the courts are open to allow neutral ventilation.
Loyola Schools Swimming Pool
The Loyola Schools Swimming Pool is a state-of-the-art facility that is used by both swimming classes and the varsity swimming teams for training and dual meets. The half- Olympic swimming pool (28-meter, 8-lane, roofed, no-wave) gives the varsity swimming team a boost to win their games.
Health Services
The Office of Health Services promotes the health and wellness of the Ateneo community through quality medical services and relevant health programs. Doctors and nurses partner with students, professionals, faculty and staff for a holistic approach to health care including provisions for health education and promotion, health assessments, and opportunities to engage in fitness and nutrition awareness activities.

The University recognizes that to strengthen its mission and identity, it has to advance academic excellence, which includes going beyond its borders and taking part in the continuing exchange of knowledge and ideas. Internationalization is being pursued to take advantage of the accessibility of these knowledge centers, to share our own pool of talents and knowledge with the world, and to establish our presence in the international academic community.
The Junior Term Abroad (JTA) Program
The Junior Term Abroad (JTA) Program is the largest student mobility program in the country. Ateneo students are able to student a semester of studies at any of over 120 partner institutions in 24 countries across 4 continents, gaining not just technical skills but the global outlook and cross cultural perspective that are essential for an increasingly competitive world.
Exchange-Student Program for International Students
International students may study at the Ateneo as an international exchange student. To be eligible for the exchange program, students must be officially enrolled in one of Ateneo's partner institutions, must have completed at least one year of education in their home institution at the time of the application, and for non-native English speakers, must show proof of proficiency in English language such as TOEFL, IELTS, or other certificates.