Can the application fee be waived for public school students who are honor students?

A public school student may request that his/her application fee be waived only under the following conditions:
1.      He/She must meet the following criteria:  he/she must present proof that he/she received honors or high honors in at least three terms in Grade 9 (certification from the school) and a certification from the school that he/she is financially in need.
2.      Waiving of the application and testing fee may only be done if the applicant (from a public school) follows the following procedure.  He/She must go to the Ateneo de Manila High School and bring (a) the certification of honors and (b) the certification of financial need, (c) his/her school ID or Grade 9 report card (as proof that he/she is enrolled in a public school), and (d) a print-out of the screenshot of his/her system-generated 9-digit payment reference number.  (To have a payment reference number, the applicant must have already created an account in the online system.)  The applicant must present the four documents to the staff of the Office of Admission and Scholarships in the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School administration building.  This has to be done in person (by the applicant or his representative) during office hours (7:15 am to 3:15 pm).  The applicant will be given a slip indicating that the fee is waived, which he/she has to present to the cashier’s office along with the printout of his reference number.  (The process of waiving the fee cannot be done online, nor can it be done over-the counter at a bank.)  The applicant will be issued a receipt by the cashier. The waiving of the fee will be reflected in his online application account the next working day, and the applicant may then proceed with the online process.
The application fee will not be waived for students enrolled in private schools, except for Tulong-Dunong and Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) scholars.