How does an applicant create an account?

1.      When the student-applicant first accesses the login page (Edusuite Admissions) he/she will click the portion labeled “Don’t have an account? Sign up.”
2.      This will bring the applicant to a screen with the heading “Create account.” The applicant will then enter his/her name.
3.      The applicant has to enter an active personal e-mail address.  Notifications and updates regarding the online application will be sent through this email address, so the applicant has to regularly check the inbox of this email account throughout the application process.
4.      After the prompt “I am applying for,” the applicant has to choose “Senior High School.” (Note: if an applicant chooses “Junior High School” then his application/payment will be considered as an application for grade 7.)
5.      The applicant should then click “Submit.”
6.      A success prompt message will be displayed and an email for the password setup will be sent to the email address that the applicant entered in the account creation form. The applicant should check his/her email and follow the instructions in this email.
A link for setting the password will be sent to the applicant’s email address.  The applicant should set his/her password.