How will the online application system work?

The application form will be filled up online and requirements will be uploaded instead of submitted physically.  This means that printed or downloadable application forms will not be available nor necessary.  There is no option to submit the requirements physically. The payment of the application and testing fee is the only step that is not online, but may be done through the cashier’s office in the Ateneo de Manila High School campus, or over-the-counter at any BPI or Metrobank branch in the Philippines.  The advantage of this system is that the applicant no longer needs to go to the Ateneo de Manila High School campus during office hours in order to apply.  However, the applicant must note that the process will take several days to complete (due to the processes of reflecting bank payment, checking of the requirements by the system checkers, and the waiting time for the recommendations to be completed and electronically sent).  For this reason, applicants must start the process as soon as possible.