Dellomas & Encarnacion nab 1st Runner-up in BioQuiz 2017

March 02, 2017
Emmanuel Delocado; Photos from UP Biological Science Society Facebook page

Ryan Delfin Encarnacion & Samantha Dominique DellomasLast February 15, Ryan Delfin Encarnacion (12-A Colombiere) & Samantha Dominique Dellomas (11-San Vitores) finished 1st Runner-up in BioQuiz 2017 as hosted by UP Manila’s oldest academic org, Biological Science Society.
Encarnacion & Dellomas qualified to the final round after garnering the second highest combined score from the written and laboratory rounds. The participating teams first took a written eliminations round for ninety minutes with questions being scored using a right-minus-wrong system. The questions came from different fields of biology including anatomy and physiology, microbiology, genetics, cellular biology, evolution, and systematics.
Following this, teams took on the grueling laboratory eliminations which focused on the application and practical skills of the students. The hosts highlighted that this round was a simulation of a typical exam in their classes in college. Aside from Encarnacion & Dellomas, students from St Jude Catholic School and Caloocan City Science High School completed the top three. These three teams bested some of the biggest science high schools in the metro.
The final round was composed of the jeopardy round, the double jeopardy round, and the final jeopardy round. All three groups showed their competence in the field of biology in the jeopardy round as they answered high school-level questions. The double jeopardy round, however, challenged the students with questions from college biology subjects such as animal physiology and molecular genetics. In one particular question, Encarnacion & Dellomas named the scientific name of a bacterium which causes ulcer. After acknowledging that the response was correct, the host commented that he learned about it just the day before in one of his classes.
The duo from Ateneo Senior High School finished second after the three parts of the final round. This ended Encarnacion’s run in biology competitions after several podium finishes in the past three years. Meanwhile, this was Dellomas’ second win in a biology quiz bee for this school year.