A STEM-tastic Day!

February 12, 2019
Denise Bernadine L. So of 12-Pantalia

Last January 30, 2019, students from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand celebrated their strand with various activities and performances. The program, hosted by Beatrice Chan of 12-Pro and Josh Diano of 11-Perez, began with some welcoming remarks from the Ateneo Senior High School Principal, Mrs. Ma. Victoria Panlilio-Dimalanta. Then, guest speaker Dr. Miko Manalastas was called to give an inspirational talk on his journey from aspiring doctor to licensed physician. As part of his speech, he encouraged STEM students to embody magis and deviate from the norm by leaving their comfort zones and becoming catalysts for change.
Afterwards, a short video from the Grade 11 STEM students was shown and then followed by the Grade 11 dance performances. San Vitores and Torres began with a heartwarming dance number featuring a high school reunion ten years down the line. This was followed by Realino and Tsuji’s dance battle performance and Perez, Owen, and Wright’s dance rendition of songs that have gone viral in the Philippines over the years.
Following these were the Grade 12 videos and performances. Xavier and Ogilvie started off with their classic 80s vibes, while Oldcorne and Sullivan followed with their “The Greatest Showman” inspired performance. Pantalia, Pro, and Walpole then finished off with bold moves and a splash of color. Between performances, all of the Grade 12 classes’ “Pamana”, an original painting meant to capture the meaning of STEM, were also shown.
After all the performances, the STEMtastic Quiz Bee was held to test the students’ knowledge in their Math, Science, and Computer subjects. Grade 11 and 12 classes were paired for this activity, with only one emerging victor. This was followed by performances from local ASHS bands BTP, Isko, Lagoon, and rapper Gussacci, as well as a dance number featuring the beloved STEM teachers.
For the last segment of the program, a STEMlympics competition was held, wherein students were challenged to compete in various games. The first activity, Sticky & Cheesy, involved students needing to fit as many of themselves inside a square drawn on the floor, with the winning team being the last one standing without stepping outside of the square. Next, the Grade 11 and 12 were separated to simultaneously play 4-Way-Tug-of-War and Water Dodgeball respectively.
To wrap up the program, winners of the various contests were announced. Pantalia and Pro’s dance number was given third place, while Realino and Tsuji were given second place, and Oldcorne and Sullivan’s performance was hailed first place. For the STEMtastic Quiz Bee, 11-Wright and 12-Pro won third place, 11-Tsuji and 12-Oldcorne won second, and 11-Torres and 12-Xavier won first. Lastly, the winner of best Pamana went to the class of 12-Oldcorne.

(L-R) Mr. Noel Miranda, Mrs. Bitchik Dimalanta, Dr. Miko Manalastas, and Mrs. Joy Sacluti