The Board of Trustees is the highest decision-making body in the University. According to the By-Laws of Ateneo de Manila University, Inc. (the corporate entity of the University), the Board of Trustees shall be composed of 15 members, 8 of whom shall be members of the Society of Jesus.

The powers and duties of the board include:

  • to elect the Corporation's President, Vice Presidents, Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
  • to appoint other administrative officials as designated in these statutes
  • to consult first with the Provincial regarding the appointment of Jesuits to administrative positions
  • to assist the President in setting the University’s strategic direction and goals for long-term planning and development
  • to be responsible for the acquisition, conservation, management and disposition of University funds and properties in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, of the Catholic Church, and of the Society of Jesus
  • to approve the annual budget of the University
  • to determine policies on investment of trust funds
  • to review and approve the educational policy of the different units operated by the corporation of the Ateneo de Manila University
  • to review and approve major organizational changes within the University
  • to promote understanding between the University and the outside community
  • to consult the appropriate segments of the University community on matters of importance to them
  • to review and approve the agreements between the Corporation of Ateneo de Manila University and the Affiliated Units
  • to ensure the implementation of the mission of the University


Members of the Board

As of 17 November 2022
Chair Bern Siy
Bernadine T Siy, Chairperson
Dr Chito Salazar
Chito B Salazar PhD, Vice Chairperson
Dr Fabian Dayrit
Fabian M Dayrit PhD
Fr Ari Dy, SJ
Fr Aristotle C Dy SJ
Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng
Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng
Fr Gabriel Gonzalez SJ
Fr Gabriel Jose T Gonzalez SJ
Anna Marie Karaos, PhD
Anna Marie A Karaos PhD
Christopher Po
Christopher Paulus Nicholas T Po
Fr Jose Quilongquilong SJ
Fr Jose VC Quilongquilong SJ
Fr Roberto Rivera SJ
Fr Roberto Exequiel N Rivera SJ
Fr Karel San Juan SJ
Fr Karel S San Juan SJ
Fr Mars Tan SJ
Fr Mars P Tan SJ
Manolito Tayag
Manolito T Tayag
Fr Jun Viray SJ
Fr Primitivo E Viray Jr SJ
Fr Roberto Yap SJ
Fr Roberto C Yap SJ