About Ateneo de Manila

Vision and Mission

In a document on Ateneo’s future prepared for a presentation to the Loyola Schools faculty, Fr Bienvenido Nebres SJ (University President, 1993-2011) writes:

While many schools and apostolates aspire to form leaders, the Ignatian vision, as embodied in the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises seeks to form people to develop their talents to the utmost and challenge them to the highest levels of service. Not just to seek the good, but the greater good. The magis. It thus has a tendency to form an elite—but its desire has been to form an apostolic elite, an elite for service.

This, helps foster a deeper appreciation of Ateneo de Manila’s Vision-Mission statement.




In the spirit of being Lux in Domino, Light in the Lord, Ateneo de Manila University will be a force for good in seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. Rooted in its Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit values, Ateneo will be a collaborative and engaged leader in the work of social transformation through education, formation, research, and social engagement.



As a University, Ateneo de Manila seeks to uphold, preserve, and communicate truth and apply it to human development and the preservation of the Earth.
As a Filipino University, Ateneo de Manila seeks to identify with, enrich, and embody Philippine culture and contribute to the development of the nation and the upliftment of Filipinos as part of the global community.
As a Catholic University, Ateneo de Manila seeks to form persons-for-and-with-others who, following the teachings and example of Christ, will devote their lives to promotion of service and justice, especially for those who are most in need of help, the poor, and the powerless.
As a Jesuit University, Ateneo de Manila seeks the goals of Jesuit liberal education through the harmonious development of moral and intellectual virtues. Imbued with the Ignatian spirit, the University aims to lead its students to see God in all things and to strive for the greater glory of God and the greater service of mankind.
Ateneo de Manila University seeks all these through excellence in teaching, learning, and formation; creation and advancement of knowledge through cutting-edge research and creative work; cultivation of an inclusive, diverse, and sustainable institution and community; and an expansive and immersive engagement with society.