The Ateneo Institute of Sustainability was (AIS) established in April 2013 to be the hub on sustainable development, and the vehicle of the university’s environment-development agenda towards the achieving the Ateneo de Manila University strategic goals:

  1. To mainstream sustainable development;
  2. To reduce disaster risk due to climate change and other geohazards; and
  3. To build a sustainable campus

To achieve the strategic goals, the AIS

  1. Engages stakeholders through consultation and participation in surveys, discussions, and workshops;
  2. Connects with university stakeholders as well as partners in communities, business, global organizations and networks to achieve sustainable development goals; and
  3. Prepares stakeholders by deepening their competencies, culture, and commitment to sustainability and resilience


Vision and Mission

As a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit University, the Ateneo de Manila seeks to preserve, to extend, and to communicate truth and apply it to the development of persons and the preservation of their environment.



As a center of excellence for sustainable development, AIS is the go-to institution for sustainability-related needs of the university, the country, and the Asian region.



AIS is the hub of sustainable development, and the vehicle of the university’s environment-development agenda.

Strategic Objectives

  • To create synergy and achieve impact, AIS coordinates and aligns the activities of the university and affiliate units in the areas of sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, and earth systems science, including climate change mitigation/adaptation.
  • To develop a culture that promotes sustainable development, AIS takes the lead in integrating sustainable development concepts in campus-wide initiatives, including education, research, technology, and management systems.
  • To add to the body of knowledge on sustainable development in the Philippines and in Asia, AIS facilitates the definition of multi- and interdisciplinary research agenda and the formation of multi-disciplinary research groups.
  • To contribute to shaping policy on sustainable development, AIS provides the platform for distilling principles from studies, community engagement, projects, and fora.
  • To help mainstream sustainable development in the country, AIS establishes partnerships, linkages, and networks with institutions and communities, and provides services and consultancies, where it is needed.

The AIS Logo

What We Do

Education - Capacity building, human resource and development
Research - Scholarship, policy, professional practice
Awareness - building - Information, communication
Services/Consultancies - Public & private sectors, communities, institutions
Networking - Community engagement, institutional partners
AIS has also initiated the Minor in Sustainability for undergraduate students and MS in Sustainability Management.

About AIS

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