Join us! 

We eagerly invite you to become a part of our community of advocates of ecological education and culture who would like to build a generation of Southeast Asian with hearts and minds for the environment.


Membership to AUN-EEC is FREE and is open to any institution from Southeast Asia with activities supporting the vision of the network. While membership is institutional (i.e., not personal/individual), applying members should identify their institutional representative to the AUN-EEC network.

There are three types of membership to AUN-EEC:

  • TYPE 1: University-based administrative office or academic department
  • TYPE 2: University-based official student group
  • TYPE 3: Professional group, private Business, non-government organization (NGO), local government unit (LGU), etc.


  1. Access to resources and opportunities in ecological education and culture
  2. Option to promote events on AUN-EEC’s online platforms
  3. Collaboration with a network of experts and practitioners in ecological education and culture
  4. Share and exchange knowledge and ideas of good EEC practices through internationalization, exchange programs, research endeavors, exhibits, workshops, and conferences for both students and teaching staff


  1. Attend AUN-EEC workshops, conferences, and other events;
  2. Contribute content to the AUN-EEC website; and
  3. Actively promote ecological education, culture, and lifestyle to their respective spheres of influence (ex. cross-posting, tagging, etc.).

Membership Fees and Retention

Membership to AUN-EEC is FREE. There is no membership registration fee and there are no annual dues.

However, to maintain their active membership status for the next year, at least one and any one representative from the member institution should attend in AUN-EEC-hosted conference, seminar, or workshop for the year.

Membership Application Process

Step 1

Accomplish membership application form

Applying institutions should designate an institutional representative at this point. The form can be downloaded from

Step 2

Submit to the membership application portal

Go to the G-Form membership application portal at In the portal, accomplish the online Google Form and submit your signed membership form.

Note: The membership application portal is also embedded below on this page.

Step 3

Wait for the results

Your application will be reviewed by the AUN-EEC Steering Committee. You will be notified regarding the results of your application on February.

Membership Application Portal