Campus Sustainability

Our Campus Sustainability program focuses on the development and implementation of the University Sustainability Guidelines and the University Emergency Management Plan. We focus on the clear communication of our initiatives to implement clean technologies, such as wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, sustainable mobility, and renewable energy. Stakeholder consultation and coordination ensures the onboarding of the unit offices involved for effective implementation. Surveys on sustainability aimed at the Ateneo stakeholders are also conducted to understand what is important to the community and to inform the focus of the Ateneo Sustainability Report Series.

Climate Change & Disaster Risk

The Climate Change and Disaster Risk (CCDR) Program of AIS is the platform of the Ateneo de Manila University to build and generate knowledge on climate change and disaster risk through collaborative, multidisciplinary research and stakeholder engagement. The CCDR program coordinates with partners and stakeholders within and outside the university to initiate and support efforts to reduce risk due to climate and other geohazards.


AIS Climate Events


Specifically, we have focused on the following strategic objectives:

  • Apply systems thinking techniques to understand the drivers of risk vs. resilience and to promote holistic and integrated sustainability resilience planning.
  • Establish a collaborative network of inter- and trans-disciplinary research in climate and disaster risk in the Ateneo, and, initiate, coordinate, and support the development and implementation of such research.
  • Develop, coordinate, and assist in the implementation, mainstreaming of programs that assist vulnerable communities, reduce the risk to disasters and climate change and promote resilience across different stakeholders.
  • Develop an effective platform for communication and for education, together with strategic materials/modules development.
  • Network with CSOs/NGOs and the government sector involved in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation.
  • Provide input to national policies and programs on climate change and disaster resilience.

Promoting Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are calls to action for the eradication of poverty that entails comprehensive and strategic steps, including the improvement of health and education, the reduction of inequality and the acceleration of economic growth while at the same time, tackling climate change by working to preserve our oceans and forests.




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