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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted unanimously by the 193 countries in September 2015, including the Philippines, provides an ambitious and measurable benchmark to end extreme poverty and reduce hunger, promote economic prosperity, deepen social inclusion and strengthen environmental sustainability in the world. Achieving the goals stated in the SDGs requires a broad-based transformation in the economic, social, political and technological dimensions of human life, which need to be supported by cross-disciplinary systems thinking and the rapid upscaling of sustainable development technologies and know-how.

Universities and research organizations are called to respond to be centers for knowledge generation and organizations that can help in building resource capacities to enable individuals and organizations deepen their problem-solving skills and orientation. Higher education institutions can help assist in achieving the SDGs by incubating scientific advances and sustainable development related businesses, provide education and training in the different SDGs, identify and advocate policies that will support the implementation of the SDGs and also the coordination of different stakeholders, including government, business and communities, in order to undertake solutions in order to further these goals.

The SDG program at the AIS serves as an avenue for the Ateneo de Manila University to provide relevant and appropriate information on sustainable development and integral ecology to the stakeholders in the University and other major networks of universities and schools.  Opportunities for exchange of ideas, proposals and initiatives to deepen the culture of sustainability are strengthened, including among the administrators, faculty, staff and students in the higher education and basic education levels. The program focuses on the development of modules orienting these different stakeholders on sustainable development and the different issues and problems, as well as the trends and updates on the SDGs. The program also assists the different units in the University to develop and streamline indicators and measures that would help further assess the University’s progress in achieving the SDGs. 

Additionally, the SDG program also links the University with other external stakeholders, especially as the program serves as the secretariat of two major national and regional networks, namely the ASEAN University Network for Ecological Education and Culture (AUN-EEC) and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Philippines (SDSN PH). Knowledge in working in the major networks above are leveraged in the education and training work within the campus.

Our Priority Areas

Deepen the knowledge and orientation of University stakeholders on the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals Program performs the role of mainstreaming the SDGs to the different stakeholders of the various units of the university. The program develops orientation modules on sustainability and resilience among the different stakeholders of the university, including students, faculty, staff, professionals, administrators, and partner communities. Integral to this priority area is tracking and monitoring the activities related to SDGs in the university and mainstreaming these to the community-at-large. The program also provides consultancy advice for university units who wish to develop curricular and extra-curricular programs on sustainability and resilience.

Strengthen ecological education and culture for sustainable development in universities

The SDGs Program creates avenues for advancing pedagogical innovations and effective communication strategies on sustainability and integral ecology. By serving as the Secretariat of the ASEAN University Network on Ecological Education and Culture (AUN-EEC), the program assists in the formation of a generation of young leaders in the Ateneo and in Southeast Asia who will have the mindset and competencies to conserve and preserve the environment, even as they face the challenges of social change and economic growth. Assistance is also given to the AUN-EEC through liaising for and coordinating with its members, and in organizing activities of the thematic network, including the annual conference, seminars/webinars and training sessions. Beyond the support provided to AUN-EEC, the SDGs Program also partners with other youth groups and professional organizations in organizing webinars and conferences with sustainability education as a key thrust.

Synergize research initiatives and extension projects on sustainability in the University and throughout the country

The SDGs Program aims to promote high-quality education and research collaboration for sustainable development within the Ateneo and among universities and research centers. Through the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Philippines (SDSN PH), the program harmoniously weaves the initiatives of various universities into numerous working groups and consortia focused on different SDGs thematic areas and transformations. This is done through the organization of fora to discuss sustainability-related solutions and programs being undertaken by different institutions in the country, including with the SDSN PH. The program also plays a key role in localizing and mobilizing support for the SDGs, including supporting national and local governments, business and local communities in understanding and addressing the challenges of sustainable development.

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