Published Research

Factors influencing disaster risk and resilience education in Asian HEIs
Assessing resilience against floods with a system dynamics approach: a comparative study of two models
Green public spaces in the cities of South and Southeast Asia: Protecting needs towards sustainable well-being
Apprehending Food Waste in Asia: Policies, Practices and Promising Trends
Sustainability Practices in Higher Education: Stakeholder Engagement in Promoting Campus Sustainability
Let’s Build a City: A Sustainable City Building Clicker Game
Forecast of Potential Areas of Urban Expansion in the Laguna de Bay Basin and Its Implications to Water Supply Security
Towards Sustainable Consumption of Rice in a Private School in Metro Manila
A supply chain framework for characterizing indirect vulnerability
For People and Planet: Teachers' Evaluation of an Educational Mobile Game and Resource Pack
A RECIPE for Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Ongoing Research

Sustainability in Social Enterprises (JGSOM-ACSEnt) (2016 – present)
Business Continuity for Micro-enterprises (JGSOM and OSCI) (2016 – present)



Single-Use Plastics: Possibilities for Stakeholder Engagement, or SUPPOSE, is under the Arete Sandbox Residency Program, and explores ecosystems that describe people's practices, consumption patterns and behavioral change when it comes to single-use plastics in the Katipunan-Loyola Heights area. We look into alternative technologies, systems, and practices that can be introduced to reduce single-use plastics from food deliveries on campus.

We hope to find answers to the following questions:

  • What would be an appropriate communications campaign to educate and inform stakeholders on practices/ impact of single-use plastics?
  • How can these EIC strategies be shared with academe, business, and government in the locality/region?
  • How can we challenge students to design entrepreneurial solutions for this problem?

Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid is another research project part of the Arete Sandbox Residency Program that merges the fields of environmental science, biology, communication, and human geography. We have been building a collection of audio recordings from various spaces of the Loyola campus and are featuring sounds of living things (biophony), sounds of wind, water, thunder (geophony), and man made noise (anthrophony) to challenge us to listen to our environment and deepen our connection with nature. You can listen to some clips from our library here in the Ateneo Wild Soundcloud.


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