Ateneo Sustainability Reports

The Ateneo Sustainability Reports disclose our environmental, social, and economic impacts in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards. So far, there have been three reports, released in 2014, 2017, and 2020, each building on the previous report's body of knowledge. Data is collected through the various administrative offices that we partner with in implementing the various campus sustainability efforts. DOWNLOAD THE REPORTS

Sustainability Policies

First published in 2016, the Sustainability Policies and Specific Guidelines provide the basic directions towards implementing the University thrust for environment and development. These guidelines highlight the need for systems thinking, interconnectedness of initiatives, personal commitment, and internalization of good citizenship. DOWNLOAD

Ateneo Food Packaging Primer

This primer is a visual guide to the food packaging practices in the Ateneo de Manila University. This is based on the Ateneo Sustainability Policies and Specific Guidelines. DOWNLOAD

Campus Wildlife

These are free downloadable resources to help you learn more about the diverse campus wildlife. SEE THE DOWNLOADABLES

Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Ateneo Emergency Management Plan

First published in 2016, the Ateneo Emergency Management Plan (AEMP) provides a framework and guide for a coordinated response to different levels of campus emergencies. It provides structures, point persons and their critical tasks, and implementation guidelines that aim to provide a safe and resilient campus community. This is overseen by the Campus Safety and Mobility Office, in close coordination with unit representatives and with university top management. DOWNLOAD


Ateneo Quick Reference Guide

The Ateneo Quick Reference Guide is a brochure that can fold into a convenient ID sized sheet. This was distributed to all students and employees to help prepare everyone for disasters. CLICK FOR THE ENGLISH, FILIPINO, AND KIDS' VERSIONS.


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