Frequently Asked Questions

Shift to Co-Education in Ateneo Junior High School

Information as of 27 July 2023

When will Grade 7 co-ed application begin for School Year 2024-2025? 

Grade 7 application for SY 2024-2025 will begin on September 15, 2023. While waiting for application to begin, the parents/guardians of prospective applicants may prepare the requirements.  

What are the requirements for Grade 7 applicants to School Year 2024-2025?

The application process is online. The following documents need to be uploaded to the system once an account has been set up and payment of the application fee is made. Please prepare these documents ahead of time to facilitate the applications process. The documents have to be uploaded in JPEG/JPG format: 

  1. Scanned copy of the applicant’s FINAL/COMPLETED GRADE 5 report card (with signature of the Principal/Registrar and School logo);
  2. Scanned copy of the applicant’s OFFICIAL report card for the present grade level (whatever quarter is available at the time of application, as there is a LATE UPLOAD option on the system);
  3. Colored ID picture with white background;
  4. Scanned copy of the applicant’s COMPLETE Birth Certificate (PSA/NSO copy);
  5. Scanned copy of the one (1)-page Handwritten (print or cursive) AUTOBIOGRAPHY (English or Filipino) of the applicant.

Additional documents for NON-FILIPINO/DUAL CITIZENSHIP applicants: 

  1. Non-Filipino
    • Copy of ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration)
    • SPECIAL STUDY PERMIT issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) 
    • Scanned copy of non-Philippine passport
  2. Dual Citizen
    • Copy of Philippine passport OR Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino citizen 
    • Scanned Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino citizen from BOI
    • Scanned copy of Re-Acquisition/Retention of Filipino Citizenship from BOI
    • Scanned copy of Certificate of Naturalization

Will scholarships and/or financial aid be available for Grade 7 applicants? Scholarships are offered to applicants from public elementary schools, while financial aid is offered to other accepted Grade 7 applicants. Applicants for scholarship and financial aid must apply for admission first.  

How much will tuition and fees be in School Year 2024-2025 for Grade 7? Tuition and fees for Grade 7 School Year 2023-2024 range from P204,000 - 210,000 for a whole year, depending on the schedule of payment (yearly, semestral, quarterly, monthly). These estimates, however, are expected to rise by at most 6% in SY 2024-2025. 

How many females will be accepted in Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 7 of School Year 2024-2025? For School Year 2024-2025, the initial implementation of co-ed admission in these three levels, the school hopes to achieve a male-to-female ratio of 3:1. This means that for every three males per class/section, there will be one female. The 3:1 ratio will apply to Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 7.