Idealism Shines Bright in the AJHS Science Congress

February 19, 2014

You may have heard of this joke going around defining a congress as an aggregate of baboons.

Well , while it may be tempting to embrace this as the official definition, this baboon version has already been debunked . Not only that, if the sight of the recently concluded Investigative Project of Ateneo Junior High School would be the basis for a more appropriate meaning of the word congress, it apprears that  the display of scholarly flair by the student representatives was hardly faithful to what we know a congress ( by our standards ) represent. 

The Investigative Project ( IP ) Congress, is an annual activity sponsored by the grade 8 Science Subject area where students from different classes present their sceince experiments in front of their peers and under the close scrutiny of a panel of judges. The task of the students is to be able to put up an air tight ( evidenced- based ) defense of their projects , enabling them as well to respond to the challenging queries put forth by the panel of judges.

This year's IP congress was predominantly a showcase of projects that had a strong environmental theme such as the biodegradability of particular materials and the feasibility of use of organic insect reppelants.

While the tenor of the panelist who are themselves teachers was generally very supportive, the Q and A portion of the  presentations where hardly a walk in the park for many of the students.

In the end , the congress experience had once again showed us that hard work and an insatiable thirst for knowledge is the fuel that feeds breakhroughs in science. While these young scientist have a lot more to learn in terms of their fields of interest , the IP Congress assures us that the light of hope for a better environment shines bright with the idealism of our students.