Math Day is Fun Day for AJHS

November 13, 2013

Is there a method to the madness that marks this year's Math day in AJHS?

There is always at least a one time in the school year where numbers are elevated to a position of reverence and given a red carpet day. Perhaps the term "Math week"  is a term more familiar to the average Atenean who would otherwise think that considering how dominant Math in their lives is,  the idea that Math week is just an illusion because  for them Math is an everyday  ( harrowing ) experience that doesn't necesarily move them to put it in a pedestal.

However, the Junior High School Math department went on a mission  to give Math the reputation it truly deserved. So, Math day,  the day often reserved for Math contests and activities revolving around a relevant Math theme, this year promised to be different from the rest. First was because it tried  to challenge stereotypical notions of what Math is: intimidating, boring and reserved for the chosen few.  Second is that it spoke of the other aspect of dealing with Math which is supposed to be an enriching and exciting experience. Hence , the chosen theme of this year's Math day  which is  Math = Fun was the Math department's attempt at packaging Math in the different way . Even the very choice of the date itself which  hinted at fun humor : 11.12.13  remained faithful to the theme.

See for yourself in this video, featuring students in an anagram building contest, how FUN was indeed the rule of the day.