Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, major in Public Management

The PhD in Leadership Studies, Major in Public Management seeks to look at theory, practice, and research, in terms of the person of the leader and the transformation of organization systems, institutions, or communities.  The program also recognizes the need to understand the national, regional, and global contexts of organizations.

Program Objectives:

The PhD in Leadership Studies, Major in Public Management is a program aims to develop knowledge-building practitioners who seek to build knowledge, theory, and practice on leadership and public management in the Asian and Philippine contexts. More specifically, by the end of this degree program, learners will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate existing theories and practices of leadership and public management in the context of culture.
  • Build knowledge on leadership and public management practice based on cultural context.
  • Reflect on their own experiences, and improve their self-understanding.
  • Apply leadership theory and practice towards building and transforming community, institution, and nation.

Program Curriculum:

Undergraduate Prerequisites*  
  (to be determined, if needed, upon evaluation of admission requirements)  
  Fundamental Statistics     3
MPM Foundational Subjects* (27 units)  
  Ethics, Power and Accountability 3
  Public Governance and the Bureaucracy 3
  Public Policy Development and Analysis 3
  Leadership in the Public Service 3
  Organizational Development 3
  Applied Economics in the Public Sector 3
  Public Finance and Budget 3
  Integrated Program Management 3
  Climate Change and  Sustainable Development 3
PhD Core Subjects (15 units)  
  LEADS 301           Foundations of Leadership Theory 3
  LEADS 302           Organizations in Global and Cultural Systems 3
  LEADS 303           Psychology of Leadership 3
  LEADS 304           Spirituality and Ethics of Leadership 3
  LEADS 305           Innovation, Creativity, and Change 3
PhD Major Subjects (12 units)  
  LEADS 308           Advanced Research on Public Policy Implementation 3
  LEADS 309          Cultures and Strategic Leadership in the Bureaucracy 3
  SGSTPM               Special Topics on Public Management Literature Review 3
  SGSTUDY            Supervised Study 3
Cognates (6 units)  
  Any subjects offered by allied school units approved by the Dean  
Comprehensive Examinations:  LEADS Comp 400  
  Student is admitted to candidacy status upon passing comprehensive examinations  
Dissertation (12 units)                                              12
  Student registers for at least two semesters and earns 12 units after a successful oral defense and submission of the dissertation.   
LEADS 399 A (1st enrollment)  
LEADS 399 B or  (subsequent enrollment until completion)  
Total Number of Units 72

*Undergraduate prerequisites and Master's courses taken prior to admission may be credited upon evaluation