Master in Public Management


The Master in Public Management Major in Social Entrepreneurship (MPM-SE) is a degree program for professionals interested in the pursuit of the public interest through social entrepreneurship. It is a practitioner-oriented program that seeks to assist students master the art of managing multiple bottom lines, and of developing/transforming enterprises and markets towards sustainable development.

As a specialized track of the Master in Public Management, the program shall develop leaders in and out of the bureaucracy, who appreciate the government’s potential role in creating a policy and political environment conducive to social entrepreneurship. 

The ASoG, in cooperation with the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) is piloting the MPM-SE, with ISEA President Marie Lisa M. Dacanay as lead faculty.

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Leaders or managers of government agencies, development NGOs or ODA donors wanting to improve the effectiveness of their livelihood and enterprise development programs in serving the poor and marginalized
  • Knowledge leaders, policy and opinion makers in and out of government and the academe, who wish to master social entrepreneurship theory and practice
  • Professionals who own or manage social-mission driven enterprises and are interested in enhancing their knowledge, skills and attitudes on social enterprise management;
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to transform their businesses into social enterprises or develop innovative ways of pursuing corporate social responsibility
  • Graduate students wishing to jumpstart their pursuit of a career in social entrepreneurship


Core MPM Courses

  • Power, Ethics and Accountability
  • Understanding the Bureaucracy
  • Public Policy Development and Analysis
  • Leadership in the Public Sector

SE Major Courses

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship at the Macro Level
  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship at the Micro Level
  • Social Enterprise Marketing Management, Part I and II
  • Social Enterprise Operations Management, Part I and II
  • Social Enterprise Human Resource and Organizational Development, Part I and II
  • Social Enterprise Financial Management, Part I and II
  • Strategic Management of Social Enterprises, Part I and II

Integrative Courses

  • Summer Internship in a Social Enterprise (optional)
  • Social  Entrepreneurship Innovation Seminar
  • Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Report


Marie Lisa M. Dacanay is president of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) and has more than 25 years of experience in development management and consulting, social entrepreneurship, and international development cooperation in the Asian region. She holds a Master in Development Management (With Distinction) from the Asian Institute of Management (1996) and received a Bachelor of Science (Statistics) from the University of the Philippines (1983). She is currently enrolled in the PhD Programme in Business Economics at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Dr. Dacanay has mentored social entrepreneurs and development managers enrolled under the Master in Entrepreneurship for Social and Development Entrepreneurs (MESODEV), and taught social entrepreneurship and development management courses under AIM’s Center for Development Management and Graduate School of Business.