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Learning Experiences in Communities (LEC)

The Learning Experiences in Communities (LEC) is an integral part of the ASMPH plan of study that serves as a venue for students to put together in an effective way the knowledge, skills and attitude they have developed thus far in medicine, public health and management.

As a learning activity, the LEC provides the students with a continuing community experience that serves as the setting for the elaboration and application of knowledge, skills and orientation on Clinical Medicine and Public Health and the application of Strategic Management concepts and principles. As a service activity, students participate in the programs and activities of partner organizations and communities and help them achieve their set goals and objectives. In the long term, ASMPH views the LEC as a way of evolving an institutional commitment to building communities and the nation.

Community Enhanced Internship Program (CEIP)


The Community Enhanced Internship Program (CEIP) is a novel track for fifth year medical students under the Internship Program of ASMPH. It is a 3-year model building program that started in July 2019.

It has the dual goal of (1) providing a community and practice-based internship on medicine and management for selected fifth year students of ASMPH and (2) expanding the front line services of a local health center through the establishment of a multi-specialty clinic and enhanced public health initiatives. Drawn from the outcomes-based education (OBE) curriculum of the school, the program takes advantage of the opportunity for primary care centers to be effective instructional settings for teaching and learning. Aside from enhancing interns’ learning experience, the program contributes to the expansion of the health center’s frontline services by making specialty consults accessible through the presence of consultant faculty of ASMPH who supervise the interns rotating at the health center. The roots of this novel program can be traced all the way back to 2013, only a year after ASMPH opened its doors to medical students. ASMPH envisioned creating a program that would integrate knowledge and skills learned in family and community health management, MBA, and public health. In line with the school’s vision, the goal of this program was to build a critical mass of doctor-leaders who would hold leadership roles in key health-related organizations to effect systemic and systematic change for a more accessible and equitable health system.

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