Ateneo School of Government 

The Ateneo School of Government’s main purpose is to provide an institutional vehicle for the development of public servants and a forum for dialogue and partnership among government, private, non-government, and people’s organizations. It has been ASOG’s long-term mission to produce effective and ethical public servants who shall build prosperous and just communities throughout the Philippines, thus becoming an institution for graduate education, training, and technical assistance in the field of leadership and public service.

ASOG is composed of three arms that move as one to achieve its broader goal of nation- building:

The Academic Program through the ASOG Master in Public Management offers a student- centered and practitioner-oriented curriculum where theory and practice are linked to develop technical excellence and competencies in ethical leadership and good governance. Courses are taught using adult-learning techniques that build on the students’ experience, case discussion in class, and the use of problem-based studies, simulations, and lectures.

The Executive Education Program was created to foster cooperation between private and public sectors for national development goals. The program offers short, focused, and customized training programs that help provide methods and strategies to concretize ethical governance and sustainable development.

The Ateneo Policy Center is a think-tank that serves as the research and public policy unit of the School. The Center is tasked to respond to emerging political, economic, and social issues by producing cutting-edge policy research, providing technical assistance to public and private sector actors engaged in reforms, and hosting evidence-based policy discussions to support political, economic, and social reforms.


It was Dr. Alfredo R. A. Bengzon and Ateneo President Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ who initiated the creation of a School of Government within the Ateneo de Manila University. Seeing the lack and need for a school that trains people who could handle power and who will or were already serving in government, they formulated a program that seeks to hone the skills and develop the character of current and aspiring servant leaders. Toward this goal, they sought the help of then Representative Henedina Razon-Abad who became the ASOG’s first dean.

Vision and Mission

As a unit of the Ateneo de Manila University, the Ateneo School of Government carries the Jesuit/ Ignatian framework of Ethical Leadership. The School has been guided by an overarching vision:

A Philippines of prosperous, sustainable, just and happy communities, enabled and empowered by democratic, inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable governance institutions and processes.

The School’s long-term goals are:

  1. To lead in achieving the nation-building goals of the University, especially in the areas of defeating poverty and reforming politics;
  2. To contribute to achieving the environmental goals of the University, specifically in the areas of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and mainstreaming environmental management;
  3. To contribute to the internationalization goal of the University through international programs and partnerships; and
  4. To form students and staff consistent with the mission and identity of the University.


EXCELLENCE. We continuously perform to the best of our abilities, embodying and pursuing the change we aim to make despite failures and obstacles.

INNOVATION. We continuously study and adapt to the changing needs and demands of our community and the society. We ensure relevance and practicality.

ETHICS. Discernment of right from wrong of everything we do is most essential in being part of the ASOG community.

HUMANITY. There is a common thread that unites us all, and that is our humanity. That humanity calls for perspective and action to serve all people, especially the poor and marginalized.

About the Dean

Philip Arnold P. Tuaño



Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD

Past Deans



Ronald U. Mendoza, PhD

2016 to 2022



Atty. Antonio G.M. La Viña

2006 to 2016



Antonette Palma-Angeles, PhD

2005 to 2006



Cong. Henedina “Dina” R. Abad

2001 to 2005

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