University Residence Halls


Facilities and Services


Residents may have their meals in the two cafeterias within the URH complex:  Ebai's at Cervini Hall and Kraver’s at IRH. They may also have food delivered directly to their residence hall, via the various online delivery services.


Residents may avail of on-campus or off-campus laundry service providers of the dormer’s own choosing. 

An on-campus laundry service is located at the back of Alingal Hall, offering both self-service and full-service options. A second location at Cervini Hall will soon be operational in the latter part of the 1st Semester SY 2023-2024.

The latter must follow campus access protocol.

Study Areas

Residents have their own study tables in their rooms.  Every building also has designated “quiet study” rooms.  In addition, there are many areas around the URH complex where residents may congregate and study with their class/group mates.


Residents may cook only in the pantries/kitchenettes located in each residence hall.

Prayer Rooms

There are prayer rooms located in the UD, Cervini, and Eliazo Halls.


The URH has 24-hour security assistance and all public spaces are covered by CCTV cameras.


There is a 24/7 University ambulance service for emergencies, under the supervision of the University Physician.


URH scene

House Rules

University Residence Halls

Cervini Hall, Eliazo Hall, University Dormitory (North and South towers)
Tel: +63 2 8426 6001 loc 5904 (office hours); 5903 (Cervini); 5924 (Eliazo); 5700, 5799 (UD)
+63 2 8426 6119 (direct line)
International Residence Hall
Tel: +63 2 8426 6001 locals 4440, after office hours 4444
+63 2 8426 7159 (direct line)