University Residence Halls


Housing Options

The URH has various room configurations that offer opportunities for developing life-long friendships. Students may choose to stay in solo, twin-, or triple-sharing rooms at one of our five residential buildings:

  1. Cervini Hall
  2. Eliazo Hall
  3. International Residence Hall
  4. University Dormitory (North and South towers)

Faculty members and administrators may apply for a slot in our Single Faculty Housing*.   

*Although single/unmarried faculty with no residential options within Metro Manila are prioritized in the allocation of these twin-sharing housing units, all faculty and administrators (single or married) who are interested in living conveniently on campus are eligible to apply for accommodation in the Single Faculty Housing, and may be accommodated on an as-available basis. 


Cervini Hall, Eliazo Hall, and University Dormitory (North and South Towers)


University Dorm


Cervini and Eliazo Halls, built in 1964 and 1968, respectively, are currently designated as all-male dorms.  They have been home to many generations of Ateneans who have gone on to great heights of personal and professional achievement, but continue to harbor many happy memories of their years spent in these residence halls.

University Dormitory (UD) North and South Towers welcomed its first residents in 2008 and is currently designated as our all-female dorms.

Cervini room

Rooms in Cervini, Eliazo, and UD North and South Towers generally have the following features:

  • single-sized beds with mattresses
  • cabinets
  • study tables with chairs and bookshelves
  • ceiling fans
  • WiFi and Ethernet connection
  • Common/shared toilets and showers with heaters on every floor.


International Residence Hall




The International Residence Hall (IRH) is a five-story, 310-bed facility for local and international students, visiting faculty, and guests of the University. The IRH opened its doors to its first batch of residents and guests in April 2019.  It is a co-ed dorm, with floors designated exclusively for male and/or female students.  In exceptional cases, siblings of different genders may be allowed to share a room.

The International Residence Hall provides shared living spaces where local and international residents from different cultures can productively and respectfully engage each other.

IRH room

All rooms in the IRH are designed for twin-occupancy, with the following features:

  • en suite toilet and shower with heater
  • semi-double-sized beds with mattresses
  • cabinets
  • study tables with chairs and bookshelves
  • an air conditioning unit
  • a refrigerator
  • Wi-Fi
  • a ceiling fan



Dormitory Fees Effective for SY 2023-2024
Hall Rate (in Php)
Intersession (Jun-Jul) Semestral
Cervini Hall, quadruple occupancy 23,600 59,000
Eliazo Hall, quadruple occupancy 23,600 59,000
University Dormitory quadruple occupancy, no aircon 23,600 59,000
University Dormitory quadruple occupancy, with aircon 29,600 74,000
University Dormitory single occupancy, no aircon 26,600 66,500
International Residence Hall, double occupancy 38,200 95,500
Reservation Fee
Non-refundable, paid by accepted applicants for slot confirmation (deductible from resident's dorm fee)


Rates are inclusive of utilities and the Ateneo Resident Students Association (ARSA) fee (Php 500 semestral, Php 200 intersession)

Appliance Energy Fees (SY 2023-2024)

Residents who will bring in any of their own appliances must submit an online appliance declaration form. The link for this and other information including payment instructions will be included in the application decision letter they will receive from the URH administration office. The URH administration office will conduct a room inspection within the term to verify the appliances that the residents have declared.

Appliance Type Semestral Intersession
Aircooler Php 2,800 Php 1,120
Refrigerator Php 4,500 Php 1,800
Electric fan Php 1,800 Php 720
Rice cooker Php 1,200 Php 480
Air purifier Php 1,800 Php 720
All other small appliances, including air fryers, large monitors/screens,
gaming consoles
Php 5,000 Php 2,000
Free of charge: laptops, desktops, printers


URH scene

House Rules

University Residence Halls

Cervini Hall, Eliazo Hall, University Dormitory (North and South towers)
Tel: +63 2 8426 6001 loc 5904 (office hours); 5903 (Cervini); 5924 (Eliazo); 5700, 5799 (UD)
+63 2 8426 6119 (direct line)
International Residence Hall
Tel: +63 2 8426 6001 locals 4440, after office hours 4444
+63 2 8426 7159 (direct line)