University No Smoking Policy

2019 Expansion of Total Ban

Date             :           24 September 2019
Memo to      :          The University Community
From            :           (Sgd) Dr. Maria Victoria T. Cortez, Vice President for Administration and Human Resources
Subject        :           Expanded Coverage of the Total Ban on Smoking

We wish to inform the community that the Total Ban on Smoking [1]will now include all tobacco and non-tobacco cigarette products, as well as the use of electronic nicotine and non-nicotine delivery systems (ENDS/ENNDS) or what we commonly call e-cigarettes, vapes, vape pens, and juul among others. The total ban shall be strictly enforced in all buildings, campuses and parked cars within Ateneo property, including all affiliates and auxiliary units located in Ateneo buildings and campuses.

We reiterate that the Total Ban on Smoking covers students and employees alike. Appropriate disciplinary action, in accordance with existing guidelines and due process as stipulated in the Student Handbook and the Employee Code of Discipline, will be meted out to violators of this policy. All visitors, suppliers, contractors, and couriers inside the Ateneo campuses are likewise expected to abide by this rule.

Everyone is encouraged to inform their fellow community members and visitors of this expanded coverage of the total ban on smoking.

For your information and compliance.

2012 Total Ban on Smoking

Date             :           23 October 2013

Memo to      :          The University Community            
From            :           (Sgd) Nemesio S. Que, SJ, Vice President for Administration & Planning
Subject        :           Total Ban on Smoking

In 2009, the Vice President for Planning and Administration issued a “No Smoking Policy” in the University to comply with the provisions of Republic Act 9211[1] otherwise known as “Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003” which prohibits smoking in “centers of youth activity such as playschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.”

After reviewing the implementation of the said policy and to further the University’s commitment to provide a healthy and sustainable learning and working environment for all members of the community, it is deemed necessary to declare a *total ban on smoking* in all Ateneo de Manila University properties, both owned and operated, and its perimeter. These include, but are not limited to, the Loyola Heights Campus; the Ateneo Professional Schools Buildings in Rockwell and Salcedo in Makati; the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health Building in Pasig; and all satellite campuses. Likewise, all affiliate and auxiliary units within Ateneo de Manila University properties, as well as all visitors, suppliers, contractors and couriers inside the campuses are required to abide by the total ban on smoking.
This will take effect on Friday, *15 November 2013*. This will also supersede all previous policies allowing smoking in the campuses.

Everyone is encouraged to inform their fellow community members and visitors of the total ban on smoking.
For your information and compliance.

2009 No Smoking Policy

Responsibility for Policy: Vice President for Administration and Planning
Approving Authority: President
Next Review Date: By discretion of the VPAP


The University is committed to provide a healthy learning and working environment for students, faculty, administrators and staff.

Aims of the Policy

The policy seeks to:

  • Guarantee a healthy working environment and protect the current and future health of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  • Comply with the provisions of R.A. 9211 which prohibits smoking in public places including schools, colleges and universities.


The No Smoking Policy covers all types of burnt and smoked products including cigarettes, tobacco and non tobacco cigarette products.

Restrictions on Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any University premises or grounds at any time, by any person regardless of their status or business in the University.

This policy does not cover areas outside defined campus boundaries including areas within the Ateneo de Manila grounds that are not under the control of the University such as the Jesuit Residence, the Manila Observatory, Loyola House of Studies, San Jose Seminary, Arrupe International Residence and East Asian Pastoral Institute. These units may define their own designated smoking areas.


All visitors, contractors and delivery personnel are likewise required to abide by the no smoking policy. Security guards and University personnel are expected to inform visitors of the no smoking policy. However they are not expected to enter into any confrontation with the smoker.


Smoking is not permitted in University vehicles, any vehicles being used on University business, e.g. hire vehicles, or in private vehicles when within University premises.


Appropriate signages to indicate that the University has a no smoking policy shall be put up in conspicuous places so that everyone is duly informed.

Support for Smokers

Staff who feel the need to take a smoking break during the working day must make up the time taken within the same working day. Smokers who wish to stop smoking shall be referred by University health service providers to appropriate agencies who can provide them with assistance.

Disciplinary Action

Employees who disregard the policy may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with University procedure.

Students who disregard this policy will be disciplined according to school policy.

Visitors who disregard this policy will be fined. Repeated violations may cause the erring visitor to be banned from campus.


The policy will become operational in July 2009.  

Monitoring and Review

Compliance with the no smoking policy will be monitored by the Director, PPLH through the University Safety Officers and Security Personnel. It will be reviewed every two years at the discretion of the VPAP.