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14 Feb 2022

NEW FROM THE PRESS: The Sovereign Trickster: Death and Laughter in the Age of Duterte by Vicente L. Rafael

Framing Rodrigo Duterte as a trickster figure who boasts, jokes, terrorizes, plays the victim, and instills terror, Vicente Rafael weaves together topics ranging from the drug war, policing, and extrajudicial killings to neoliberal citizenship, intimacy, and photojournalism

11 Feb 2022

[Tinig] Feast Failure: Reflections on the Global Food System in the Time of the Pandemic

"In the end, the response to the food crisis should not be simply an issue of increased agricultural productivity."

08 Feb 2022

[Blueboard] Protecting the Overseas Filipino Right to Vote

"In choosing candidates who truly support the OFWs agenda, must be knowledgeable about the facts and realities of the life of the Filipino overseas to truly care about their plight"

21 Jan 2022

[Tinig] A Friend Told Me Not To Post My Political Opinions Online

"Educators must speak out loudly and boldly against people and structures that are unjust for them to show moral integrity."


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Areté: Our Creativity and Innovation Hub

As the creativity and innovation hub of the Ateneo de Manila University, Areté provides the space and freedom for groups from different fields and persuasions to create, collaborate on, and share knowledge, skills, and practices.

Areté's complex features theaters, art galleries, studios, laboratories, a makerspace, teaching and meeting rooms, and several open areas. These facilities enable the University to host, support, and connect academics, artists, professionals, and leaders of different talents and interests whose exchanges, we hope, will spur the kind of creativity and innovation that creates unforeseen paths and betters our communities.

Areté is thus betting on the desire of a growing many, coming together to impart and to learn, to be inspired and to be challenged, to focus but still to wander in all that could be done as a collective concerned with what is possible.

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Widely recognized today as the first museum of Philippine modern art, the Ateneo Art Gallery was established in 1960 through Fernando Zóbel’s bequest to the Ateneo of his collection of works by key Filipino post war artists.

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