The Bachelor of Science in Learning Science and Design (BS LEARN) is unlike other traditional teacher undergraduate courses because it is not only about teaching in traditional spaces like classrooms in schools and universities, but it’s also about preparing learning professionals who will design and promote learning in different environments.

The career paths of our graduates will not be limited to the teaching profession in basic education or higher education. Rather, BS LEARN has been designed precisely to produce learning professionals in any field. Our graduates will be equipped for alternative careers that involve instructional and learning design beyond formal education--such as online learning, professional development and training, among others. Not only will the proposed undergraduate program in education be the first offered by the university, it will also be one aimed at innovative and other possible modes of learning.

Apart from Ateneo de Manila’s core curriculum, the program will include foundational courses in the Learning Sciences, Learning Technologies, and Instructional Design, as well as the requisite Professional Education Courses that will prepare our students for PRC’s Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) should they decide to pursue a career in professional teaching.

Moreover, the program will provide a deliberately multidisciplinary approach made possible by a collaboration with other departments and schools in Ateneo de Manila. Key faculty from selected departments have agreed to collaborate in offering courses in their respective disciplines so that students are also given a wide selection of disciplinary tracks such as Science, Math, English, Filipino, the Social Sciences, Guidance and Counseling, and Religious/Values Education, School Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Training, and Education Technologies.

Our graduates will serve as learning professionals not only in classrooms, but also in boardrooms sharing their organization’s mission and training employees to become more committed and effective stakeholders, in Human Resource designing onboarding and other training programs for corporations, helping new hires unlock their potential and veterans break their ceilings. Many of them are expected to create apps that deliver content and encourage users to create their own.