Master in Guidance and Counseling

Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment

This program prepares students to become proficient in the various aspects of school guidance and counseling. The course offers graduate coursework in the development and management of relevant and functional school guidance programs and services; the diagnosis of their students’ educational, vocational, and personal needs and concerns; the implementation of appropriate counseling techniques and intervention programs; psychological measurement and evaluation; and research methodology. Students are prepared to conduct scholarly research in the areas of guidance and counseling that will address relevant issues in their own school setting.


Required Subjects (12 Units)

  • EDUC 211 Ignatian Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC 260 Foundations and Nature of Guidance
  • EDUC 292 Methods and Materials of Research
  • EDUC 293 Statistics for Teachers

Field of Concentration Subjects (18 Units)

  • EDUC 251 Media & Technology Application
  • EDUC 261 Organization and Management of Guidance Personnel Programs
  • EDUC 263.1 Counseling Techniques
  • EDUC 263.3 Personality and Counseling Theories
  • EDUC 265 Psychological Measurements and Evaluation
  • EDUC 267 Supervised Field Work and Practice in Guidance

Electives (6 Units)

  • Any two graduate-level subjects offered by the GBSEALD and/or other graduate departments with the approval of the Academic Adviser

Upon completion of the coursework, the students must take and pass a written comprehensive exam.  The comprehensive exams will cover the courses under the field of concentration except for EDUC 251.

Comprehensive Examinations (6 Units)

  • EDUC 296 Comprehensive Examinations

Integrating Paper (6 Units)

  • EDUC 298 Integrating Paper

The integrating paper is an application of theories and concepts learned in the coursework on pedagogy, research, and actual practice.  The integrating paper may be any of the following: a module, an expository essay, a curriculum design, a professional portfolio, and an action research.