Master in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment

This program prepares students with Chinese language proficiency to become effective language teachers. The course offers advanced courses in the Chinese language and training in the pedagogy and methodology of teaching a foreign language. 


Required Subjects (15 Units)

  • EDUC 201 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 211 Ignatian Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC 251 Media and Technology Application
  • EDUC 292 Methods and Materials of Research
  • EDUC 293 Statistics for Teachers


Field of Concentration Subjects (18 Units)

  • CSP 211 Aspects of China
  • CSP 212 Modern Chinese
  • CSP 213 Advance Chinese
  • CSP 214 Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • CSP 215 Teaching Chinese: Design and Practice
  • CSP 216 Teaching Chinese: Test and Assessment


Electives (3 Units)

  • Any graduate-level course offered by GBSEALD or the Chinese Studies Program.


Language Requirement

The student must demonstrate an ability to speak and write in both Chinese and English


Comprehensive Examinations (6 Units)

  • EDUC 296 Comprehensive Examinations

Upon completion of the coursework, the student must take and pass Comprehensive Exams comprised of both written and oral. The comprehensive exams will cover the first five courses under the field of concentration (CSP 211, CSP 212, CSP 213, CSP 214, and CSP 215). The written exam covers CSP 211, CSP 214, and CSP 215 and will be administered in Chinese. The oral exam will cover the Chinese language courses (CSP 212 and CSP 213) and will be conducted in Chinese. Professors from the Chinese Studies Program will conduct this portion of the exam.


Integrating Paper (6 Units)

  • EDUC 298 Integrating Paper

A course where the student designs, prepares and writes a research-based practicum paper on a selected area of instruction and learning. The project should be an application of basic concepts, principles, and theories in education and should be relevant to the student’s institution.