Master of Arts in Basic Education Teaching

Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment

This program examines the theory, practice, and current research in pedagogy, curriculum development, psychology of learning, and assessment and evaluation. Students learn to explore educational materials, resources, and media to enhance student learning. Numerous opportunities for further specialization in teaching methodologies in their respective subject areas are provided. The students are prepared to conduct scholarly research that will address relevant issues in their own school setting. 


Required Subjects (9 Units)

  • EDUC 201 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 292 Methods and Materials of Research
  • EDUC 293 Statistics for Teachers

Field of Concentration Subjects (15 Units)

  • EDUC 232 Psychology of Learning and Teaching 
  • EDUC 241 Modern Trends and Directions in Curriculum and Teaching
  • EDUC 245 Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
  • EDUC 251 Media and Technology Application
  • EDUC ## Content and Teaching Strategies in a Specific Subject Area (any graduate-level subject listed by GBSEALD and with the approval of the Academic Adviser)

Electives (6 Units)

  • EDUC 211 Ignatian Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC ## Any graduate-level subject offered by the GBSEALD and/or other graduate departments with the approval of the Academic Adviser

Upon completion of the coursework, the students must take and pass a written comprehensive exam.  The comprehensive exams will cover the courses under the field of concentration except for EDUC 251.

Comprehensive Examinations (6 Units)

  • EDUC 296 Comprehensive Examinations

Thesis Writing and Oral Defense (6 Units)

  • EDUC 299.1 Thesis I
  • EDUC 299.2 Thesis II

The units for the thesis subjects are credited after the student passes the oral defense and submits the final revised copy of the thesis.



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