Graduate Degree Programs

The Gokongwei Brothers School of Education and Learning Design (GBSEALD) offers scholarships to promising graduate (masteral and doctoral) students who are in need of financial assistance. These scholarships, which are made possible by our endowment funds, may offer up to 100% tuition and fees coverage for GBSEALD graduate degree programs. 

The financial assistance will be drawn from the following endowment funds: 

We will also rely on our institutional partner, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF), for help. 



  • Applicants who have passed the application requirements of the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (OADGP) of the Ateneo de Manila University and are recommended for admission by the Chairpersons of the GBSEALD.
    • The RBA Scholarship has been established for public school educators;
    • The VTL Scholarship is for any deserving educator in need of financial help; and
    • The GBF TeachSTEM Scholarship is for those who will be in the field of Science, Technology, and Math (STEM). 
  • New and current GBSEALD graduate students may apply.
  • For current GBSEALD graduate students, applicants must :
    • Be well within the residency term limit of the Loyola Schools
    • Have satisfactory academic performance as determined by the Department Chair/Program Director
    • Be in good disciplinary standing (i.e., no disciplinary record of either a minor or major offense)
  • Not a recipient/s of any third-party scholarship or financial aid grant at the time of application–with the exception of the Loyola Schools 50% subsidy granted to teachers.



The scholarship is for a full program in Education offered by GBSEALD at the Ateneo de Manila University, where the scholar is expected to enroll for at least six (6) units per semester and at least three (3) units per intersession (when applicable). 



Depending on the individual’s need, our scholarship may cover each semester’s tuition, basic, and miscellaneous fees as assessed by the Ateneo Central Accounting Office (CAO).



While the award is for a full program, the continuation of the scholarship shall be evaluated at the end of each semester and contingent on the scholars’ fulfillment of the requirements of the program.  As a recipient of GBSEALD’s financial aid, the scholar is bound by the same grade norms required of all students in order to remain in the Ateneo. There must be no grade lower than B+ and INC or W in any subject–including the comprehensive exams. Scholars who fail the comprehensive exam/dissertation defense will have to pay for their retake or re-enrollment. 



A financial aid scholar who decides to withdraw from the Graduate School for non-medical and/or non-academic reasons will be required to reimburse GBSEALD for the amount of the academic grant received during the last semester he or she was officially enrolled (including intersession, if applicable).  Official documents from the Ateneo will be withheld until such reimbursement has been completely settled.



The GBSEALD aims to build teacher-leaders who will dedicate themselves to innovation and development in the Philippine education sector. For this reason, all recipients of our financial assistance are expected to make a commitment to serve in Philippine education. 

In addition, scholars of the RBA are expected to serve in the Philippine for at least two years after the completion of their program. This is a non-negotiable condition of the RBA Scholarship Fund according to the wishes of the donor.  Ideally, they are also serving in a public school throughout the duration of their studies at the Ateneo.

In return for the financial aid, GBSEALD scholars are expected to render service in return in a manner to be negotiated on a case-to-case basis. Possible involvements include assistance in the school’s programs and research-related events.



  1. Scholars need to submit all required documents to GBSEALD and the OADGP as may be indicated in various forms of communication pertaining to their enrollment to the Graduate School and acceptance to this Scholarship Program 
  2. Scholars need to present the original and submit a photocopy of the CAO’s tuition/registration official receipt to the GBSEALD Dean’s Office after completion of each semester’s enrollment process. 
  3. Scholars are expected to attend all classes. Any absence must get explicit approval from the GBSEALD Dean’s Office. 
  4. Scholars are expected to meet with their assigned AdMU faculty mentors at least once a month.
  5. The student must file the LOA Form if intending to discontinue graduate studies. Scholarship privileges will be suspended during the LOA period.
  6. The student may be permitted to withdraw from the semester currently enrolled in due to grave reasons as defined in the Magna Carta of Graduate Students' Rights. The scholarship privileges will be suspended during LOA. 
  7. Scholars are expected to complete the graduate program within the Loyola School’s residency limit  – five (5) years for the masteral programs and seven (7) years for the doctoral programs.
  8. Scholars shall be responsible for payment of any fees that result from retakes, late submissions or delayed fulfillment of requirements.
  9. Scholarships are not transferable should the student decide to shift to another program.  



  • Accomplished GBSEALD Scholarship Application Form 
  • Recommendation Letter
    • For new students - A letter of recommendation (e.g., character reference) from the applicant’s present/previous employer, supervisor, or teacher. The letter should be printed on official letterhead.
    • For currently enrolled students - Letter of recommendation from the graduate coordinator/chair/potential dissertation adviser
  • Transcript of Records from the previous school attended (if new student) or latest printout of student’s grades from AISIS (for current students)
  • Research thrusts or priorities, aligned with the research agenda of the department/program/school endorsed by the Department Chair/Program Director
  • Plan of study (Download Template)
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)
    • If single and currently employed, a photocopy of the applicant’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR) form.
    • If married and filing income tax returns separately (or applicant is unemployed), include a photocopy of spouse’s latest ITR form;
    • If single and unemployed, a photocopy of parent’s latest ITR form;
    • If parents are NOT employed, a Certificate of Exemption from filing of Income Tax Return from the BIR or Certificate of Unemployment from the Municipal/Barangay Hall
  • Personal interview, if shortlisted




The following scholarships are also available for Graduate Students of the Loyola Schools:

  • Fifty Percent (50%) Tuition Scholarship for Academics
  • Tuition (20%) Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities 
  • Scholarships for Graduate Students
  • Teaching and Graduate Assistantships 
  • Fifty Percent (50%) Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Project Scholarships
  • Dorm Scholarship


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