Canadian Dollars

You may give a Canadian-dollar denominated Gift to the Ateneo by mail through the Canadian Jesuits International (CJI). Donations for the different Ateneos, for the Elderly and Infirm Fund and Formation Fund of the Philippine Jesuits, for the apostolic missions of the Philippine Jesuits like PGH Charity Patients, Tagbanuas of Culion, the Indigenous Peoples of Bukidnon, Chapel Pharmacy, etc. can be coursed through this channel.

To ensure that your Gift will be directed to the correct project fund, and so that Ateneo can send you a receipt, please:

1. Make check payable to : Canadian Jesuits International
2. And on the memo line, write: PJAA: and the name of the beneficiary
3. Fill up the Giving Form:

1. Fill up the Online Giving Form, and  print
2. Download Blank Giving Form, and fill up manually

4. Mail your Gift check along with the accomplished Giving Form to:

Canadian Jesuits International
c/o Kenneth Vaz
70 Saint Mary St
Toronto, ON M5S 1J3

The Canadian Jesuits International will transmit the gift to the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association (PJAA), the Development Office of the Philippine Province. PJAA will then remit your donation in pesos to the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) or to your designated beneficiary.

ADMU alums can contact CJI in the following ways:

     Telephone number: 416-465-1824
     Toll Free (Canada & USA): 1-800-448-2148
     Email address:

CJI will be able to give tax-credits for Canadians who will be donating through this channel.