Philippine Pesos

You may give a Philippine peso-denominated Gift to the Ateneo by bank deposit with any of these three banks.

"As of March 30, 2019, the Bank Deposit facility for Banco de Oro (BDO) is no longer available." 

Beneficiary Bank : Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  Instructions for Bills Payment Facility via BPI Express Assist (BEA) Machine
  1. At the BPI branch, proceed to the BPI Express Assist (BEA) machine
  2. In the Transaction Selection screen, choose “Bills Payment”
  3. In the Merchant Selection screen, choose “Other Merchants”
  4. Enter Reference number: 012078049
  5. Choose the Type of Transaction (Cash or Check)
  6. If you choose Cash, Encode the Amount you want to pay then Tap NEXT
  7. If you choose Check, Encode the Amount you want to pay then Tap NEXT
  8. Screen will display Reference Number and Amount (Cash/Check) you encoded to confirm. If Correct, Tap NEXT
  9. Retrieve the queuing number slip from the machine and wait for your number to be called by the teller.


Beneficiary Bank : Metrobank
  Instructions for Bills Payment at Metrobank: 
  1. Fill out a Payment Slip in two copies.
  2. Under No. 2, please write:
  • Company Name: Ateneo de Manila University
  • Subscriber: The name the donor wishes to appear on the Ateneo Official Receipt
  • Reference No.: None
  • Subscriber No.: 012
  • Mode of Payment: ash or Check or Debit account
  • Amount of Payment : Php Amount of Donation

To ensure that your Gift will be directed to the project fund of your choice, and so that the Ateneo can send you a receipt, please furnish us a copy of an accomplished Giving Form.

You can choose either one of these two options.

1. Fill up the online Giving Form, and  print
2. Download a blank Giving Form, and fill up manually

Please send us confirmation of your donation through any of these three options most convenient to you.

•  Fax  (+632) 426-6081
•  Scan and Email to (, or
•  Mail to us

Receipts will be issued by the Ateneo in Philippine pesos.