Grade One Admission


SY 2024-2025 Admissions


Grade 1

When will Grade 1 co-ed application begin for School Year 2024-2025? 

Grade 1 application for SY 2024-2025 will begin on November 15, 2023. In the meantime, the parents/guardians of prospective applicants may prepare the requirements.  

Who is qualified to apply for Grade 1 based on their age birthday cut-off?

There is NO BIRTHDAY CUT OFF. However, boys and girls who apply must be currently enrolled in Kindergarten level preparatory for Grade 1 for SY 2024 - 2025 and with a Department of Education issued LRN (Learner Reference Number).

What is LRN (Learner Reference Number)?

This is a requirement for Grade 1. The Learner Reference Number (LRN) is a twelve digit number assigned by the Department of Education (DepEd) to a student throughout his/her basic education in the Philippines. The LRN is sometimes indicated in the report card. If it is not, the student’s parent/guardian should ask the school registrar for his/her LRN. Students from non-recognized DepEd schools will not yet have a LRN. 

What are the requirements for Grade 1 applicants to School Year 2024-2025? 

  • Scanned birth certificate (PSA/NSO copy) of applicant 
  • Most recent 2x2 digital photo/image (colored, with white background) of applicant 
  • Scanned copy of the latest Kinder Report card SY 2023 - 2024 (front and back pages) indicating the applicant’s Learner Reference Number (LRN)
  • Scanned copy of applicant’s certificate of enrollment filled out by your child’s current school indicating his/her current Grade level and his/her Learner Reference Number (LRN) issued by DepEd.
  • Recommendation form/letter forwarded automatically by our system to the email address of your child’s son’s current teacher, filled out by the teacher and submitted back to our Edusuite Admissions system
  • If the applicant is not a Filipino citizen, please also submit:
    • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
    • Student Foreign Passport (bio page) 
    • Visa 
  • For applicants with dual citizenship, kindly submit a scanned copy of any of the four documents below: 
    • Valid Philippine passport 
    • Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino Citizen from the Bureau of Immigration
    • Certificate of Naturalization 
    • Certificate of Re-Acquisition of Filipino Citizenship 


How much is the application fee?

The Grade 1 application fee is Php 900 and can be paid via the following accredited payment channels:

-Paybiz and the

-Ateneo Webpay online payment portal (for Visa/Mastercard debit or credit card payments)

Here are the instructions on how to use the different payment channels.

 Kindly put the applicant's name on the payment slip. You will be asked to upload the proof of payment in the online application portal.


How do we apply?

All Grade 1 applications are done online. 

Submit all documents at the Ateneo de Manila Grade School admissions portal:

The parent/s or guardian/s doing the application for a child will be asked to create an account for the application to proceed. Please use a personal email, instead of a work email, in creating an account. Step-by-step instructions on how to input needed information and upload pertinent documents are in the portal. Once the online application is done, the submitted information and documents will be processed. Only after verification of information and documents can the applicant proceed to payment of application fee. Upon confirmation of payment, the applicant will be scheduled for on-site testing.

When will Gr. 1 applications close?

Applications will close when the number of accepted applicants is met. Please apply early. 

Will scholarships and/or financial aid be available for Kinder and Grade 1 applicants? 

Scholarships are not offered in the Ateneo Grade School (AGS). However, the parents/guardians of children who have completed at least one school year in the AGS and then later experience financial challenges may apply for financial aid. Whether or not the aid is offered is based on several factors, including the student’s grades and deportment together with proof of financial difficulty.  

How much will tuition and fees be in School Year 2024-2025 for Grade 1?

Tuition and fees for Grade 1 School Year 2023-2024 range from P178,000 - 183,000 for a whole year, depending on the schedule of payment (yearly, semestral, quarterly, monthly) chosen. These estimates, however, are expected to rise by at most 6% in SY 2024-2025. 


Who do we contact for inquiries?

For inquiries, questions, or comments, email Ateneo de Manila Grade School Admissions Office directly at

The Admissions Office can also be reached at (+63 2) 8426 6001 thru 8426 6020 (loc. 7122) from 8 am to 3:45 pm Philippine time, Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) for assistance.