5 AGS mathletes are TIMO heat round awardees

November 06, 2019
AGS News

(L-R) Zion Uy, gold; Alphan Lomibao, gold; Sieggy Cajucom, silver; Rohan Herrera, silver; Darren Uy, silver

Five AGS mathletes finished the recent Thailand International Mathematics Olympiad (TIMO) 2019 Heat Round with medal awards. Zion Uy and Alphan Lomibao- both from 5-Ifugao- earned the gold award, while Sieggy Cajucom (5-Ati), Rohan Herrera (5-Ifugao), and Darren Uy (5-Ifugao) all earned the silver award. The TIMO heat round was held last October 20, 2019 in the UP Institute of Civil Engineering Main Building. Because of their medal awards in the heat round, Zion, Alphan, Sieggy, Rohan and Darren are all qualified to compete in the final round of the TIMO, which will be held in Thailand in April 2020. Thanks in part to the outstanding performance of these AGS math wizards, TIMO-Philippines also named Ateneo de Manila University as one of TIMO’s Top Five Schools.

Ateneo de Manila tops the list of the Top Five Schools in the Philippines in the TIMO heat rounds, according to this post in the TIMO-Philippines Facebook page.