Report Cards

A computerized report card with the quarterly marks is given at the ehd of every quarter. An attached acknowledgment slip must be returned to the class teacher not later than two days after the report card is distributed.

Promotion and Non-Promotion
1.  Only students who perform at par with the standards set forth by the Ateneo for both academics and deportment may be promoted to the next grade level. Failure in any subject at the end of the year means non-promotion.
2.  A student may repeat a grade level only once during his entire stay in the Ateneo Grade School. The AGS reserves the right to refuse acceptance of students who have failed twice.
3.  Not all students who pass the seventh grade are admitted to the Ateneo High School. To qualify for admission, students from the Ateneo Grade School must meet the requirements set by the Ateneo High School Admissions Board.

The Academic Standards Committee deliberates on the promotion and the non-promotion of students in the different grade levels. It upholds duly established norms and standards of promotion of students at the end of the school year. It is composed of the Headmaster, the Assistant Headmasters for Academic Affairs, the Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs, Grade Level Coordinators concerned, the Class Teachers, Special Subject Teachers and guidance counselors concerned.

Summer Learning Program

DepEd Diploma and AGS Diploma
All Ateneo Grade School graduates are conferred an official diploma by the Department of Education .In addition, all graduates who qualify are given the Ateneo Grade School Certificate of Attendance.