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  An article written by Ateneo de Manila High School Arts teacher Ma. Monette C. Dator was recently published on the website of UNESCO, Bangkok. The piece was published last September 28 and is about how teachers can use low-tech materials to stimulate creativity in the classroom. Those who would like to read the article as it appeared in the UNESCO Bangkok website can view it at this. MORE...
On the night of September 28, the Combat Sports Cluster successfully held its cluster assembly to unify all of the members from seven martial arts organizations and have an aligned perspective of the cluster’s nature. The night ended with a lot of sweat and tired bodies, but everything was all worth it because of the fun and action-packed activities. The very highlight of the event was. MORE...
What follows is a more personal account of the Ateneo de Manila High School Football Team's journey to win the RIFA HS Open Division 1 finals a few days ago. It was written by JP Oracion (4-B), the goalkeeper of the AHS Blue Booters. It took talent, passion, and a little bit of luck. With all the elimination games over and done with, we had only one loss, but with some. MORE...
Miguel Guerrero
Last September 15-16, the Ateneo High School Debaters competed in the Luzon Intervarsity 2012, the largest college intervarsity debate tournament in the country. They competed in the tournament for practice and training for upcoming high school tournaments in the next few months. The tournament was held in the British Parliamentary Format. It was held in the UP Los Baños campus. Isaac. MORE...