Undergraduate Degree Programs


BS Restaurant Entrepreneurship

An innovative program that combines excellence of the John Gokongwei School of Management in business management and entrepreneurship education as well as Le Cordon Bleu’s expertise in the culinary and food & beverage service industry, in the tradition of Ateneo’s liberal arts core curriculum

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BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship

Designed to create a structured and yet vibrant environment for students to become the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs, turning their IT based business ideas into actual start-up ventures.

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BS Management of Applied Chemistry

Designed to develop managers and entrepreneurs for chemistry-based industries: business people with a strong technical background and working familiarity with the chemical processes used in manufacturing operations.

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BS Management major in Legal Management

Designed to create managers and entrepreneurs with a working knowledge of the legal environment within which all enterprises must operate

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BS Communication Technology Management

Focuses on the management expertise of the BS Management Program while injecting subjects in communications and information technology to develop a more holistic manager for the communications industry

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BS Management Engineering

This honors program combines Ateneo’s traditional strength in the liberal arts with a strong foundation in business management and the decision science to create a curriculum that prepares students to meet the challenges of leading modern information and technology intensive organizations

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BS Management

Devoted to developing the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs by giving students not just the theoretical frameworks but also the practical experience that will maximize their potential for future business success

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BS Management (Honors)

Designed to develop an eye for spotting opportunities and the entrepreneurial outlook that will move them to seize these opportunities as they become available, rather than to simply stand on the sidelines as mere spectators

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