The Ateneo de Manila Junior High School’s Academic Program is composed of ten (10) subject areas: Araling Panlipunan, Art, Christian Life Education, Computer Education, English, Filipino, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, and Science.

In line with the Profile of the Ateneo de Manila Basic Education Graduate, these various disciplines are geared towards producing, at the end of four years, a graduate who is not only academically COMPETENT but also has a well-formed CONSCIENCE, with the courage to defend what is right, and to right what is wrong, has COMPASSION for others, especially the poor and disadvantaged, and lives out his COMMITMENT to his mission in life, to God and to society, because he is a CHRIST-CENTERED person.

The academic curriculum is designed following the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, which considers the ever-changing context of the students and the world around them, and builds on their learning experiences to maximize their full potential and development in the various aspects of study.

With the return to full face-to-face classes this school year, course content continues to be streamlined to focus on depth, rather than breadth, of learning, covering essential competencies and relevant life skills that will enable students to critically reflect on their experiences, and lead them beyond “merely knowing” toward action with purpose and impact.


Araling Panlipunan

Ang Kagawaran ng Araling Panlipunan ay naglalayon na humubog ng mga Atenistang mulat, malay at nakikisangkot sa mga isyung nangyayari sa lipunan. Sa pamamagitan ng pagiging mulat ay nililinang ang mga mag-aaral na maging bukas ang isipan sa mga kaganapang nakakaapekto sa sarili, kapwa at buong bansa. Mula dito ay hihikayatin na silang taglayin ang pagiging malay kung saan mas nararamdaman at tumitimo na sa puso at isipan ang mga usaping nangyayari sa bansa at labas nito. Sa huli, pinakamahalagang makamit nila ang pakikisangkot sa mga gawaing pansibiko na syang daan upang makiisa at isagawa sa kilos at aksyon ang mga natutunang aral sa loob at labas ng paaralan. Sa pakikisangkot ay naisasabuhay ang mga magagandang gawi at adbokasiya na magbubunga ng positibong pagbabago sa sarili, kapwa at buong bansa.

Mga Kurso
  • Baitang 7: Kasaysayan ng Asya
  • Baitang 8: Kasaysayan ng Daigdig
  • Baitang 9: Pambungad sa Ekonomiks
  • Baitang 10: Kontemporaryong Isyu
Christian Life Education

The Christian Life Education Subject Area, relying on God’s grace, envisions to lead students towards a personal relationship with Christ, so that they may develop a mature understanding of the Catholic faith, deepen their devotion to the sacraments and participation in the Church, and act as responsible and loving citizens of Philippine society and the global community.

  • Grade 7 – Called to Celebrate Our Catholic Identity and Mission
  • Grade 8 – Called to Discover Our Christian Roots
  • Grade 9 – Called to Meet Christ in Scripture, Church, and Sacraments
  • Grade 10 – Called to Follow Christ in True Freedom
Computer Education

The Computer Education Subject Area equips students with essential skills by keeping them abreast with the evolving information and communications technologies, and by developing their creativity and computational thinking skills to serve God, country, and society.

Courses: Grade 7
  • Block-based Programming level 1
  • Robotics using Robotek level 1
  • Introduction to Data Analysis and Presentation level 1
Grade 8
  • Introduction to Data Analysis and Presentation level 2
  • Block-based Programming level 2
  • Robotics using Robotek level 2
Grade 9
  • Webpage Design and Scripting
  • Scripting with Javascript and Responsive Web Page using Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Arduino
Grade 10
  • Course 1: Introduction to Arduino (level 1)
  • Course 2: Introduction to Arduino (level 2)
  • Course 3: Mobile App Development

The English Subject Area provides young men with meaningful experiences to hone their communicative, creative, and critical thinking skills in the English language, develop their eloquence and wisdom, and nurture in them a love for Christ and country, thus moving them to work for social transformation.

  • Grade 7 – Realizing One's Identity and Role
  • Grade 8 – Being Resilient Amidst Adversity
  • Grade 9 – Growing as a True Atenean
  • Grade 10 – Making a Difference in Society

Pagkatapos ng apat na taon sa Asignaturang Filipino, inaasahan ang mag-aaral na maging Atenistang MABÍSÀ, PUKÁW, at SANGKOT sa FILIPINO.

MABISA - Nakikipagtalastasan siya sa iba’t ibang madlang kasalamuha sa paraang malinaw, maginhawa sa kausap, nakaaantig, at nakahihikayat ng paghanga sa Wikang Filipino.

PUKAW - Inaaako niya ang sariling paglago sa wika at sa pagkilala sa panitikan at kulturang Filipino. Dinaraanan niya ang proseso ng pamumuhunan, paglilinang, pagsasakatauhan, at pagsasalipunan.

SANGKOT - Naghahanap siya, nangangarap, nag-uunat, at nagpapatupad ng mga magpapabuti sa kanyang mga kapwa Filipino.

FILIPINO -Sa dokumentong ito, Wika, Kultura, Bayan at ang mismong Tao ang mga pagpapakahulugan sa Filipino.

Mga Tema
  • Baitang 7 – Alab
  • Baitang 8 – Siklab
  • Baitang 9 – Liyab
  • Baitang 10 – Lagablab

The Mathematics Subject Area serves the Filipino nation by forming Christ-committed problem-solvers through globally competitive programs.

Through the rigors and training of the Math program, students are equipped with the discipline and fundamental skills that help them make sound and responsible decisions. By emphasizing the correct application of mathematical concepts, attention to precision, speed and accuracy, and the use of creative approaches in problem-solving, students develop the will to persevere in connecting and extending their mathematical skills to not only their personal growth and learning, but also to the betterment of their immediate community while being guided by core Christian values.

  • Grade 7 – Elementary Algebra
  • Grade 8 – Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
  • Grade 9 – Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry
  • Grade 10 – Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics

The Science Subject Area aims to form students who are innovative, creative & reflective thinkers, informed decision makers, effective communicators, and critical & collaborative problem solvers. They would grow to become responsible digital citizens and stewards of the environment, committed and equitable nation builders of the country, and active players in the Asia-Pacific Region in an ever-changing global society, all for the greater glory of God.

It also offers a Science Research Program, a four-year developmental, integrative, bridging program that prepares the students for the rigorous, specialized, or strand-based research courses in the Senior High School. This program is anchored on projects that promote and contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as part of the call for a more sustainable living under the Laudato Si.

  • Grade 7 – Integrated Science
  • Grade 8 – Biology
  • Grade 9 – Chemistry
  • Grade 10 – Physics
Physical Education

The Physical Education Subject Area aims to develop essential motor skills that will enable students to perform various physical activities and deal with the daily demands of real life. It is also geared towards helping students gain a deeper understanding of the dimensions of health, such as holistic health, personal health and basic first aid, as they seek to become men-for-others and contribute to nation building. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Grade 7

  • Physical Activity, Health-related components of fitness and Motor skills
  • Skill-related components of fitness and Strength & Conditioning
  • Body weight, Plyometrics and Core exercises

Grade 8

  • Physical Activity, Health-related components of fitness & Motor skills 2.0
  • Focus Upper body, Lower body and Functional exercises
  • Body weight, Plyometrics and Core exercises 2.0

Grade 9

  • Modes of Training
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Components of Fitness and Sports Performance

Grade 10

  • Biomechanics of Flexibility, Aerobic Endurance exercises and Philippine
  • games
  • Biomechanics of Football and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Biomechanics of Basketball, Volleyball and Dodgeball
Term Subjects: Music and Art

The following subjects will only be taken for a term during the school year:


The Music Subject Area envisions graduates who have a deep understanding of the music around them, which will enable them to influence others to appreciate and develop a love for both local and international works of music.

The Music Program, which is based on the Kodaly Concept, aims to develop music literacy through understanding of fundamental music concepts and mastery of basic music skills, which include sight singing, music writing, and playing of instruments.

  • Grade 7 – Philippine Music
  • Grade 8 – Asian Music
  • Grade 9 – Western Music
  • Grade 10 – World Music


The Art Subject Area envisions graduates who have aesthetic sensibility and skills in art, a conscious appreciation for art and artists, and an understanding of their cultural identity and shared experiences with society, which enable them to cultivate empathy and to be a positive transforming difference.

Students who go through the Art Program are expected to manifest critical and creative thinking, as well as responsibility and appreciation for their own work, the work of others, and God’s creation.

  • Grade 7 – Philippine Art
  • Grade 8 – Asian Art
  • Grade 9 – Western Art
  • Grade 10 – Modern and Media Art
Special Academic Programs

Advanced Programs

The AJHS recognizes the individual’s unique talents and needs in the various areas of study. For this reason, special courses for capable students are offered through the Advanced Programs in Grades 8 to 10.

Anchored on the Ignatian value of magis, these programs aim to foster an environment of excellence by maximizing the potential of students with exceptional skills in the areas of English, Filipino, Mathematics, and Science, and to prepare them for more specialized tracks and courses in the higher levels (i.e. Senior High School and University).

Students who belong to these programs are “pulled-out” from the regular classes to join the advanced track classes. These classes cover a greater number of topics and apply a higher standard in developing content knowledge and skills compared to the regular program. There are additional lessons per week, more hands-on activities, and more challenging individual and group requirements and assessments in the said programs.

Due to the more challenging workload, students who belong to these programs are given additional points in their final subject mark at the end of each grading period. In addition, only students who belong to these programs may qualify for the highest academic award and subject excellence awards given during the Grade 10 Closing Ceremony.

Selection Policy

The following criteria are considered in selecting students to be part of the Advanced Programs:

  • Performance in the Qualifying Exam - select students are invited to take this exam based on their First and Second term marks in the four subjects.
  • Positive feedback and recommendation from subject teachers - deliberations are held regarding students who pass the qualifying exam, particularly on their effort and overall attitude toward the subject.
  • Grade 7 Final Subject Marks in English/Filipino/Math/Science